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Why is Canada so much safer?

My fiance is from British Columbia, Canada and I am from Pennsylvania. First let me say that the suburbs here are quite safe and there is very little crime to speak of. However, once you go to major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Washington dc, Atlantic city, pretty much any city, even in other parts of the country like LA or Chicago or Detroit, it becomes quite dangerous. I do not feel safe walking many of those cities at night heck not even in the day. However, up in Vancouver where my fiance works, i have no hesitation walking the city even at night, even in the rougher areas. The statistics support this as well. Murder and assault rates are significantly lower in Canada compared to the US. Like a third of that in the US. It is kind of disheartening. We have been deciding whether I should move to Canada or her to the States. I have always loved the united states and have been proud to be a citizen. But honestly I am starting to think I should be the one to move. It just seems like Canada is a safer and better place to raise a family. But I feel so disheartened about our country and this is one of many topics that upset me. Why do I feel safe in a major metropolitan area in another country but I don't in the cities of my own country? What is wrong with the United States and what is Canada doing right?

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Five years ago I married a

Five years ago I married a Canadian a decision that I will never regret and moved to Toronto. We generally spend summer and fall there and winter/spring down south. Here are my lessons learned:

Taxation-Ramifications are immense. Consult a cross border tax attorney or you will be "hosed" coming and going.

Not nirvana-Canada has the same problems as the US, just on a much smaller scale. Local politics are entirely corrupt and statists have way too much power. They worry about all the wrong things.

Monopolies--There are several. Internet, phone, banking...the list goes on and on. Selections are limited and prices high.

Fruits and vegetables--forget about it. They are terrible at least in Toronto.

Immigrants--Immigrant communities are isolationist. They operate largely within themselves and with their own set of bylaws. Black markets thrive.

Canadians are wonderful people-People are much the same everywhere. But they are being overrun by Chinese and Indian subcontinent. This is part of their economic engine however. They are asleep at the wheel however. Their good times are basically because their banking systems survived the crash pretty much intact. Their personal debt levels are astronomical however. It will not last forever.

Working--I was told I could not work for almost a year. Luckily I had international business that kept me alive. Unions/closed shops are everywhere. If you run a business, employees will sue you at the drop of a hat.

Privacy-Amazingly, this is where Canada kicks the butt of the good ol USA. From a privacy perspective, their laws are much more strict and RESPECTED. Imagine that.

In general, the taxes and cost of living are too high. The cost of goods and services follow. The medical welfare system is hit and miss, but in general, is far better than that in the US for delivering standard basic services. Where it falls down is on services that are advanced or specialized. High end, specialized doctors have largely left for the US, where the paychecks are much larger. Funny how that works.

Stats are misleading

Statistics are very misleading.

The town I live in had one murder the year the statistics were compiled, thereby making it one of the most dangerous places in the state. Ridiculous.

Statistics for Canada vs the U.S. are mixed. You are highly unlikely to murdered in either country, though many times more unlikely in Canada. The year the stats were compliled, there were 114 murders in Canada vs 9000 in the U.S., but with a population of over 300 million, the U.S. is not overrun with murders either.

Other statistics are less favorable to Canada. Assault is 92% higher in Canada than the U.S., Bribes 31% more common, Rape 100% more frequent, and Suicide among 25-34 year olds 18% more common.

Given the numbers, you may be more likely to suffer a violent crime (other than murder) in Canada than the U.S.

Keep in mind that all countries have their own definitions of 'violent crime'. Rape has different definitions (ask Julian Assange!), and, believe it or not, so does murder. (The U.S. starts counting at the first charge of murder, whereas some other countries don't count it until they actually convict someone of murder...and it is not counted at all if it is plea-bargained down to a lesser charge.) I can't begin to sort out what the stats would look like if they were actually compiled apples to apples.

(Source of above stats: www.nationmaster.com)

I made the move...

to avoid the tyranny that the USA has become...Here is what have learned...
I miss the states every minute of every day...But I will try to stick to your questions, and give you MY opinion of things here...FYI I live in the suburbs of Vancouver...
Why do you feel safer in a non-USA city than a major USA city? Because it is safer in other 1st world countries than in the states (if you call Canada 1st world LOL)

What is the USA doing wrong that Canada is doing right? That is a complicated question...Here are some of my thoughts...
Canada uses the US military for protection, this frees up a lot of money for social programs...The effects are infinite.
Canada doesn't have ridiculous penalties for drug offenses...Therefore freeing up resources to actually go after violent criminals...
Canada's media doesn't promote violence between races and it doesn't point out the differences between groups, causing inter-group fighting...I.E. Race wars, sexism, religious persecution, fake left-right paradigm, etc...(I could be wrong on the left right-thing)
Whatever the ailments that have caused the problems plaguing the African-American community in the USA they don't have those problems...
Canada never allowed Government officials to do to a group of citizens what our Government did to the black community in the states (see Iran Contra and Ollie North) and all the problems this can cause..
This is just a few ideas I have to answer your question...
Do you want to live in BC? Here is what I have learned...NO WAY!
The food here sucks!!!!!! I would kill for a Lorenzo and Sons slice or a Jim's cheese steak...
The weather here sucks!!!!!! It rains constantly, although the summer is nice...Both weeks of it...
It is super expensive...equal to Manhattan...
As American's we consider this place communist...
They have a 1 company car insurance company called ICBC , no free market competition, average cost is $150 a month...there are other controlling companies that are just the same...Something called the Crown Corporation....Google it...
They have the most expensive "free" health care...And as a foreigner you don't get any of it...Plus its second rate and I was almost killed by my Dr. after I gave him $1200 for a treatment...A quick story...I needed an MRI so I payed 50 dollars CAD to go to a quick clinic and get a script for an MRI...Then I called for an MRI appointment and they said no problem, I can get you in in 7 months...So I said, oh no I am paying cash, and the lady asked me if tomorrow at 9 am would work...I said no I can't be there till 2pm and she said ok perfect we will see you then....$1300
So for the "free" health care they still pay $600 a year and they get taxed to death on top of that...And 95% of the Canadians will tell you to your face it's free...
And most Canadians have this weird, subtle, and ignorant blind hatred for the States...Yet they won't admit it...
Last thing...They have a Neo-con running their country...PM Harper
Ok now I have bashed Canada and I could go on forever...So I am gong to be fair and do a shotgun blast of good things about Canada:
Mild summer days
Good recycling (they charge you if you create too much trash COMMIES)
No private prisons
Canada has the 4th most guns per capita in the world (USA is 3rd)
Nice cops
No FEMA Camps
Cheap weed (mediocre quality def. not Cali) and people smoke it everywhere
Nice people...
It's easy to learn Chinese LOL
Snow boarding!!! Right in town.
Surfing 5 hours away
In closing the best way to describe BC Canada is to say it is like the states in the early 80's, some of that is good and some is bad...there is about 20% of the things we have on the shelves, the food sucks but probably has a few less chems in it, you will see cars you hadn't seen in years, there are kids playing in the streets, neighbors talk to each other in some communities, the parks are nice, people have been lulled to sleep by their's and our media. ....Finally; I am here and I am staying....Why? Because my daughter will not be vaccinated, or groped, or re-educated, or robbed in another election...Period...I will take the pros and cons I have listed over what I left any day...And when the rEVOLution takes over I am coming home to help rebuild my country with a strong minded daughter to carry on my name...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

There are significant

There are significant cultural differences between Canada and the U.S. Switzerland is even safer than Canada. I feel like I'm communicating with practicing Buddhists every time I speak to someone from Switzerland. The U.S. has a much more violent and disobedient culture and history than both of them.


Switzerland is about 72 per cent Christian - perhaps they are the ones who truly follow Christ's teachings.

I wasn't being literal, but

I wasn't being literal, but genuine Christians and Buddhists have similar dispositions(Thich Naht Hanh & Thomas Merton for example). We're also a large chunk Christian, but not practicing by any standard. Also, Switzerland has tons of gun OWNERSHIP and a true militia, while Canada has nothing that even resembles it. They're both safe, but both have different cultural backgrounds.

It's complicated

You're comparing apples and oranges. Canada was founded on the principles of "peace, order, and good government" rather than "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". British legal traditions are quite a bit different, more authoritarian. This has positive and negative consequences, for an outsider the positive consequences are more noticeable.
The climate plays a role, when people are struggling against the winter 8 months a year, they have less energy to fight with each other. Guns are much more difficult to obtain, personally I have never seen a handgun that wasn't in a cop's holster. Anyone can obtain one who really wants to, providing they fill out the proper forms and are willing pay outrageous amounts of money.
I suppose it is true that there is more of a social safety net here, so that less people fall between the cracks and are less likely to turn to violent crime. This is becoming less true all the time, however.
If it is Vancouver you are moving to I think you will find it is not quite as safe as you imagined it to be.

When I was in HS I was forced to take a

current events class. We had to watch different news stations in class and read newsweek <=== horrible I know. However, one day my teacher shown us American news for the first half of the class and then Canada news the second half. What was the difference? American news was 90% negative, death, destruction, and everything else related to the evils of society where Canadian news was 90% up beat showing the good in their society.

I think the news kind of foreshadows future events, if you keep everything negative you are more likely to experience negative things, such as the opposite can be said for keeping everything positive (if at all possible.)

Just look at the news, it reflects a lot is all I'm sayin.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

I think you're fooling yourself...

I've heard plenty of horror stories from Canadians too... not to mention stories of police corruption etc too.

There is no doubt rapists,

There is no doubt rapists, murderers, and thieves live everywhere. But just look at the statistics. Murders and assaults per 100,000 people are astronomically higher in us cities.

It's probably a cultural/societal thing...

I'd guess mostly related to gang violence.

It's not mostly gang

It's not mostly gang violence. There are several factors(gentrification, history, socioeconomic conditions, class issues etc.) that cause a lot of domestic blowback in our society.