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Nintendo Revolution

Today Nintendo released the WiiU, a followup to their successful gaming console, the Wii. But what not many of us may know is the original name for the Wii was the "Revolution".
I photo-edited a picture of Nintendo's President, Satoru Iwata who presented the "Nintendo Revolution" to be something that might draw some attention to the liberty movement for the gamers out there:


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i was so mad when they

i was so mad when they changed the name

I didn't know about this,

why did they change the name?

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I assume he means when they stopped using the development name

"Revolution" and started using the release name "Wii". They, and the other console makers, always have codenames for their hardware when they're still in development. The N64 was codenamed "ProjectReality", the Gamecube was "Dolphin". The development names end up getting preserved in the model numbers of the consoles and their accessories (Gamecube is DOL-001, GC controllers are DOL-003, Wii console is REV-001, controllers are REV-003). Even now, the next XBOX is referred to by the gaming media by it's codename, "Durango". The PS4 is codename "Orbis".

Codenames for consoles have been a development staple for a long, long time.


exactly, i like the code

exactly, i like the code names better than the official names.