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True Colors (If you were Leader of the Free World)

If you were President of America, what would you do?

When life hangs in the balance at a fork in the road the life form will either gain the power necessary to survive, taking the path that preserves life, or fail to gain that necessary power, and the path taken will not preserve life, and this path of death may include extremely slow, torturous, miserable, and horrible death.

Serious business.

Individuals live in that STATE of awareness, all the time, even in sleep, traveling along in time and space, a balancing act, moving, or not moving, in directions that result in specific consequences, that are measurable on a scale from some moral calculation between good and bad, right and wrong, good and evil, as comparable to day and night, or black and white.

Grey is on the scale, so it is not, obviously, Utopia one second and Death the next.

Good life, for the individual, is individually judged, unmistakably knowable, in fact, and this moral POWER to judge drives the individual in such a way as to defy accurate communication, but there are, in our time, examples of how people try to communicate this moral drive to make life better in time.

The pursuit of happiness.

If the color Black can illustrate darkness and death, without misunderstanding, or the color Blood Red, instead, the actual color does not matter, as an illustration, but the path taken, by the individual choosing death, destruction, misery, torture, horror, terror, hell on Earth, for fun and profit, is in pursuit of their version of happiness, so the color is not necessarily the same for everyone, and some people choose to hide behind false colors.

Two people, not JUST an individual, have the POWER to create armies of people in time, the process is called reproduction, and one of two cannot be going one direction, toward destruction, Blackness and Death, or choosing a Blood Red path, consuming the other person, for fun and profit, if the goal is reproduction, to make an army of people, people starting out as babies, then children, and then independent new people. The evil path does not work in that direction. Only the moral path can be productive or reproductive, as a matter of fact.

Families, Blood Red, White, Black and Blue, setting themselves up on the path of enslaving and killing other people, other families, consuming, destroying, for fun and profit, other people, other families, choose. Sky Blue, Black, White, Red, are again just colors, covering up, showing, what lies under the colorful flags, or under the color of the skin.

Evil or good, which way?

Towns, one next to another, where babies grow to be new individuals, of one color or another, driven by one goal or another, a POWER to exist, a path to take to reach the goal, among families, in each town, managing to avoid, as a town, a whole town, avoid, somehow marching against another town, Blood Red Destruction, Bleak Dark Blackness, Hatred, Horror, Torture, Terror, as ONE, one whole town, invading, destroying, consuming, the other town, for fun and profit.

Death or life, which way?

Which person, in any time, in any place, commands the POWER to assemble the Towns, the Cities, the Counties, the States, and the Assembled States Federated, Confederated, Nationalized, made into a Republic, made into United Nations or United States, in any order whatsoever, under orders to march upon anyone, to terrorize, to horrify, to torture, to consume, for fun and profit?


War is good for the economy?

How about a different color, and a different tune, and a different version of the pursuit of happiness, for fun and profit, not RED, not BLUE, not Black, and not White, since every single color placed as a cover hiding the path of death and destruction for fun and profit is not a true color of what lies under that false flag?

What would you do, if you were the leader of the free world in your individual life, in your family, in your town, in your city, in your country, in your State, in your "Union", and in your place on Earth in your time?

What example of a powerful path leading in a morally agreeable way, without creating innocent victims, reaching for a goal, to be reached by a certain reasonable date, would you present to everyone else, to follow, to reproduce, to exemplify, to repeat, to condone, to support, to emulate, and to arrive, on that date, because such an example is morally sound leadership, actual moral authority, and once at that goal, there is accurately measurable success?

Will you even know, if it bit you in the nose, what constitutes leadership and authority?

Prove it, pony up, cowboy.

So the topic, and the question, is pertinent to the present human condition world wide, and the question is in your lap, like a baby stolen from the torturers busy torturing the baby, and the baby is called Liberty, and it is cut, it is bleeding, and it may die, without your sound judgement, you have it in your lap, crying, terrified, horrified, tortured, bleeding on your clothes, and it is dying.

What now boss?

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