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North Korea vs. Obama Supporters - Creepy

When you look at the psychology of both supporters - they both are driven by the same blind trust and devotion to government - It is no longer WE THE PEOPLE. There is only the Great Leader.


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Now take that video, but substitute all the Obama and democrat clips with Bush and Republicans.

Then link the two videos together.

Not the same

I have seen the NKorean documentary that this youtube took clips from. It was done to follow this particular eye surgeon into NKorea where he did a great many surgeries. And to GET the surgery the people had to declare undying love of Kim Jong il. NKorea often does events like this.

There IS myth built around Kim Jong il and those who are loyal to him get things the ordinary person can't get.

Regarding the Obama pieces - the clips were simply foolish and stupid admirers. But you DON'T have to love Obama to get benefit from programs.

The real similarity is that most of US at the DP don't like Obama or Kim Jong il and we think its strange that other people do. Thats the whole similarity.


did ya see the huge crowd of americans singing, "barack obama, he's gonna let it shine!"? ... hahah... ok. yeah, it's not "the same" but it's too close for comfort. ;)

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.