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As a united States Citizen: I Denounce the Actions of Israel Regarding the Gaza Strip

It has become apparent that the Israeli government has an equal amount of hatred for the Palestinian people as Hitler did for the Jews. Why else would Israel make an official statement proclaiming:

“The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages. Only then will Israel be calm for forty years.”
~ Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai

Do you suppose the Israeli government feels any remorse for killing Palestinian women, children, or the elderly? I sincerely doubt it. To them, I imagine – The only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian. Is genocide now considered an acceptable solution? Or is it only acceptable when it is some other religion or ethic group that is being murdered? Is it the case that as long as the most powerful nations in the world condone the killing that the killing is morally justified?

As a united States citizen, I denounce the actions of the Israeli government regarding the Gaza Strip. For the sake of humanity and the Jewish people who dissent, I request that the Palestinian people be recognized as a sovereign state and be respected as such. There is no dominant race of people. Hatred only serves to breed more hatred. We are all humans that have a right to our lives. When will the violence end if it doesn’t end now? Currently, the state of Israel has the ability to either make peace or make more of the same – war. Which path do you suppose – Israel – will lead to different results?

Israel – If you continue with your current actions, history will be no more kind to your leaders as it was to Adolf Hitler. The truth is not always a pleasant thing to consider. The choice is in your hands. Your destiny rests at these crossroads. Please choose wisely. Please allow reason to guide your actions rather than emotion. Please take this opportunity to lead by example rather than making the same heinous mistakes that others have made in the past when put in the same situation. Currently, the Palestinians are at your mercy, but power is a transient thing. No person knows what the future may bring. Your present actions may put your people beyond mercy in the future at the hands of some other power. How many more times must mankind repeat this vicious, murderous cycle before it is once and for all forsaken as acceptable course of action? By taking the appropriate action - Israel - you can turn the tides of history and show humanity a better way.


I am under no illusions that the united States Central Government (uSCG) is any better. For instance, during the Iraq War (which has actually never ended) over one million Iraqis lost their lives. Do you suppose Hussein had a million man army? Emphatically… No! By deduction, many of the dead were civilians. For that matter, Hussein was credited for the deaths of some 300K Iraqis during his ~20 year reign. The U.S. easily surpassed that number by three times just with the sanctions imposed during the 1990s. The uSCG continues to needlessly kill people over the entire globe. I suppose that they believe even the homeland is an acceptable place to murder as long as it can be kept from the public.

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As a New Zealand citizen,

I too, denounce the actions of Israel regarding the Gaza Strip