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Know Your Constitution - Defend Your Rights - Revolution Point of the Spear!

Wow! Silverngold posted these on another thread I created I almost passed them up but I am glad I didn't and thought they deserved their own thread. Thanks Silverngold!

I have been involved in learning securing and defending our rights for many many years and have seen a lot of strategies and tried a few myself most of which have just been brushed aside by judges and officers and people ending up in jail extorted and or rights trampled with few wins by the people.

Some how in all these years I missed this guy or dismissed it out of hand (I don't recall doing so) and never really examined it for what ever reasons.

Carl Miller really nails things down here. He uses the constitution and state constitutions better then anyone I have ever seen with a 90% win rate (according to what I have read so far). He even got Dr. Kavorkian off. He has my attention and no one in this movement has for the past several years. if you want to learn how to protect and preserve your Constitutional rights by using them without any legal or sovereign voodo just using the laws on the books and sound knowledge of them this is well worth your time and I highly recommend it.

He tells some great stories also some very humorous but is mostly all business. Don't take my word for anything do your homework. I am going through this stuff now so have not vetted every thing here thoroughly but he has my attention on this and that is not easy to do with me on this stuff.

Carl Miller is an expert on the constitution and the bill of rights. He has studied law for 25 years and has a courtroom win-loss rate of over 90%. He is not an attorney; Carl prefers to represent himself in pria persona, and he delights in tying legal prosecutors in knots, often winning the praise and respect of the judges at the same time. Carl is a highly decorated hero of the Viet Nam War, serving in the elite Apache Troop both as a paratrooper and a crew chief. The famous movie “Apocalypse Now” and the best-selling book Apache Sunrise are based on the true-life experiences of this group of brave, patriotic Americans.

Carl Miller was inducted into the top secret project “Blue Book”, and he considers it an honor to have served in several operations supporting Lt. Col. James “Bo” Gritez, including operation “Eagle Snatch”. Carl is the veteran of hundreds of dangerous parachute jumps, breaking his legs or ankles six times, shot down 4 times and personally shot twice. Carl has miraculously escaped death numerous times. Carl credits divine intervention and God‟s providence for preserving his life to this day so that he may complete the most important mission of his life; that of teaching others the importance of the constitution of the united states and how to use it, and by using it thus preserving it.

Carl has taught hundreds of people, including housewives and truck drivers the fine art of arguing the constitution and winning in court. Carl says it‟s easy once you know how, and a whole lot of fun, too.





This stuff is so good we need to spread it far and wide. We need a revolution in this knowledge... if just 5% of the people knew and applied this we would indeed have our peaceful revolution!

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bump for something to be thankful for - REAL answers!

These are the most important videos you are not watching - have some turkey, and get a little taste of liberty. WATCH THEM!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

He's not kidding about reading the actual cases.

Not the summary, but that actual case.

Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)

"Constitution of the United States confirms and strengthens the principle, supposed to be essential to all written Constitutions, that a law repugnant to the Constitution is void, and that courts, as well as other departments, are bound by that instrument.[Constitution]".

The 666 act which became the Patriot Act is void.

Free includes debt-free!


This guy is great. The first video is a little under 2 hours, but it took me about 4 hours to get through it. As soon as this guy started talking I knew I had to take the time to write notes, google the cases, and write in a visit to the Law Library here in town on my schedule to read up on the cases in full.

Thanks for posting

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Yes he is really good I don't

Yes he is really good I don't know how I missed him all these years...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

I caught that link too...

and am just finishing up part 1. Thanks, this totally deserves it's own thread. Mandatory viewing for all Liberty-minded people!

Believing you have rights

Believing you have rights still is part of the problem. Why continue to kid ourselves?

You got it backward believing

You got it backward believing you have rights is why you have them. If you don't believe you have rights then you won't mind if folks come to your place and take what ever they like by force right?

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

There is a move to replace rules with rulers.

We have the Common Law and we have The US Constitution.

The only authority an Oathtaker has is to uphold and defend the Contrition.

Failure to uphold and Defend the Constitution is Treason. Failure to Report treason in a timely fashion is Misprision of Treason. It's in the US Code.

Free includes debt-free!

going to watch these later

Thanks for the post