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Gary North Controversial Ghostwriter of RP Newsletters?

The following is extracted from Gary North's website...

"I was Dr. No's Dr. No.

"He hired me in June to write his newsletters. Most congressmen had a newsletter. They would send out a monthly letter. I was in the newsletter business: Remnant Review. I recognized that his name needed to be in front of voters once a week. So, I created two letters, each sent every other week. One was one page, 8x10, two sides. The other was four pages, 11x17, folded.

"I never told him what I would write. As far as I know, he did not proofread them. He trusted me not to get him in trouble, either factually or ideologically. He did not worry about what voters would think. He only wanted to be sure that what was in those letters was consistent with his stated philosophy of non-interventionism and Constitutionalism."

Source: http://www.garynorth.com/public/10328.cfm

I'm not making any accusations here. I don't know if Gary North was the ghostwriter who penned the controversial statements (there may have been several ghostwriters over various periods of time). But... I am throwing this out for discussion.

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I wrote the newsletters.

I have repented to God, apologized to Ron Paul, and changed my ways.

You found your witch, now crucify me and get it over with, and please stop this stupid effing discussion.


agree w/Delysid and DOWN-vote the OP...

...as we should NOT be having pages w/headings about "RP n*wsl*tt*rs" filling up any Search Engines!!

The Newsleters that Gary North is referring to

were written during Dr. Paul's first terms in Congress, not while practicing medicine.

Blows my mind that people call one of the biggest

Drug War denouncers a racist. Like, do racists often go out of their way to attack an institution that's pretty much in place only to keep the people they hate down?


Thanks for the clarifications.

James B. Powell

Supposedly this is the guy that wrote the controversial newsletters


I have no personal knowledge about this, and no evidence to provide you, but just what I have heard.

There is sophisticated

There is sophisticated plagiarism software on the market that can compare Powell's writings to the "racist" newsletters and determine if he wrote them.

So don't plagiarize because the technology is available to determine if you are the actual author.

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North is referring to the

North is referring to the period of 1976-1984 in this statement.

This is a great article to read, though.

"You must be frank with the world; frankness is the child of honesty and courage...Never do anything wrong to make a friend or keep one...Above all do not appear to others what you are not" - Robert E. Lee, CSA

how do you know he ceased in 1984?


Hmm, im confused

so is it fairly conclusive that james b. powell is the writer all of the newsletters in question? Also from Swann's report, it seems like Kirchik was dishonest by not identifying powell as one of the authors (swann is implying that kirchik new that powell was the author of this one article in question all along)


Kirchick intentionally did not scan the full page when he wrote his smear piece two days before the NH primary in 2008. He did not scan the top of the page that included the name of the author of the racist writings. And then he claimed they were the work of a mysterious Ron Paul "ghostwriter." In reality, he hiding the true identity of the author all along. Leaving the door ajar to pundits and talking heads on TV to speculate who that "ghostwriter" was.

Let's not smear Powell now.

Let's not smear Powell now. The signed article he wrote for the newsletter was non-offensive. My guess is that the person or persons who wrote were young undergraduates who were working on the staff as quasi interns. The racist stuff does not have the feel of being written by professionals.

I am fairly certain

That these Congressional newsletters written by Dr. North are different from the various "Ron Paul newsletters" that Lew Rockell oversaw while Dr. Paul returned to practice medicine. I think Ben Swann settled this issue fairly convincingly in his piece that pointed to James Powell as the most likely author of the (not even racist if you ask me) controversial newsletters.

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Swan is not convincing. The

Swan is not convincing. The one signed article by Powell is non-controversial. Have you read it?