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Walmart Fights Back On 'Black Friday' Strike

Walmart Fights Back On 'Black Friday' Strike

by Jessica Dabrowski
Posted on: 2:59 pm, November 18, 2012
Updated on: 03:33pm, November 18, 2012

By Emily Jane Fox

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — As Wal-Mart workers prepare to stage a walkout on Black Friday, the world’s largest store is fighting back.

Wal-Mart has filed a complaint with a federal agency accusing one of the largest labor unions in the country of unlawfully organizing picket lines, in-store “flash mobs” and other demonstrations in the past six months.

In its complaint Thursday, Wal-Mart said the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and it’s subsidiary known as OURWalmart, of trying to force it into collective bargaining even though it is not the official union for Wal-Mart’s employees. The UFCW represents over 1 million meat packers and food industry workers.

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Hilary Clinton is a former Walmart board member and attorney

Who do you think will win this battle in the eyes of Federal regulators...




Its pretty amazing how the trade agreement Clinton made with China contributed to WalMart becoming so huge. Im no economist, but just follow the money!

WalMart is based in the same state Clinton was Gov. of!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul