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Federal Government Seceded From the States and the Constitution first in 1913.

In 1861. The Federal government seceded from the states and our constitution first. The southern states broke away from the union. The reason is the Federal government broke the compact or contract. The Federal government overstepped their boundaries in the Constitution. Southern States seceding had nothing to do with slavery. It had everything to do with states’ rights.

In 1913. The 16th and 17th Amendment were announced ratified without three-fourths of the states. The Federal Reserve act passed on Christmas eve in 1913. It happened in the dark of night when Congress was in recess. A handful of congressmen and senators by a voice vote passed this backdoor legislation. President Woodrow Wilson singed the bill into law. The Federal government seceded from the Constitution for the bankers.

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Repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments.

If we do just that, the fed will die on the vine, or be so radically transformed it will no longer be a threat to our liberty.
Consider if the Feds actually do as the Constitution intends, and taxes the States instead of the people directly. Having then two Senators actually representing each State, appointed by the State Legislature, there would be great resistance from the State to dipping into the treasury in order to have the Feds send some back burdened with regulation. The money-go-round would cease, and the need for ever increasing debt at the Federal level would go with it.
I suppose I disagree with Ron Paul on this issue. Correct the Constitutional flaw and the Fed will go away. Attacking the Fed directly without correcting the Constitution will never fix the problem.

Undo what Wilson did

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+1 Ditto on repeal the 16th and 17th !

+1 Ditto on repeal the 16th and 17th !

And ... the Federal Reserve Act.

Nah, I won't nitpick on the ordering of actions thereof.

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Lysander Spooner On 1861


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Read the article and

thought it was great. The only thing lacking is an editor though.

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