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Restoring Personal Liberty is an Individual Choice.

Restoring Personal Liberty is more than a buzz word. taking back the republic is a choice only the individual can make. It is a personal choice. We all have to make now. It is a difficult choice. Do we ignore reality with a numb conscience? The other choice is. Do we step into the light of truth? The kind of truth we do not want to hear or know. Are we ready to accept how bad the situation is? Restoring personal liberty starts with the individual.

Where does the person start the journey restoring personal liberty? It starts being honest about the sad state of affairs our republic is in. It is admitting the republic has been captured by tyrants. It is being accountable about how we are allowing this to happen. Restoring personal liberty is having gut level honesty. Restoring personal liberty involves making personal sacrifices to educate ourselves and others. Is the person ready to count the cost taking up the banner of liberty? To expose themselves to possible dangers?

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