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Spinning The Blame Game - Did Mitt Romney Sink Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, or Vice Versa?

I consistently keep seeing media reports that "FALSELY SPIN" the reasons why the Republicans and why Mitt Romney lost. They are creating a fictional story, a falsehood out of it all, repeating it so much that you might actually begin to believe it. But it is not true.

They conclude without fail that it is because of the extreme views of candidates like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock that Romney and the Republicans lost the election.

Here is just the latest example from CS Monitor, a false Christian conservative rag who's editors have proven that they are in the business of doing the Devil's work...


This "false-Christian" news service insinuates that Republicans for top office must run center or left of center if they ever want to have a chance at winning in a general election.

In fact even Libertarians seem to buy this lie more often than not, so they run as losing Libertarians instead of taking a shot at being a winning "true conservative" type of Republican, being the righteous candidates (like Ron Paul) in opposition to the Satanist views of CS Monitor.

This left-wing, pseudo (false)-conservative, Neo-Con propaganda might make more sense if people actually came out in droves to vote on a ballot bottom-up instead of top-down. But this was the lowest conservative turnout in years. And we also know that the reason many conservatives make time to vote in the first place is because they are really excited about a candidate at the very top of the ballot... something that a poor liberal-esk east coast Mitt "Flip Flopp'n" Romney does not inspire Tea Partiers to do.

Even the ignorant among us knows that Mittens made Bob Dole and John McCain look like conservative rock stars, and they were not even conservative groupies, just old and lame. Both were well past needing a nurse and an adult diaper change. Mitt, though younger, was even more out of touch with reality, even more so than these older deranged warmongers/whoremongers.

So what about this idea that Mourdock sank Mittens? What is this non-sense I keep hearing?

Didn't Romney win Indiana and take all of Indiana's electoral votes; even as Mourdock lost there. YES! Mourdock did not sink Romney at all. It did not happen that way.

Yet the exact opposite can be said because it is true. Romney sank Mourdock! Romney did not bring out the conservative vote, not in Indiana and not anywhere.

In the end it was all about getting out the conservative vote, TOP-DOWN, something that our TOP candidate did not inspire conservatives to do. How many Romney signs did you see in the final days? The conservatives that I know were embarrassed to have Romney-Cares signs in their yards.

Thus it was Mitt Romney (not Obamba and not the Tea Party) that sunk a large contingent of the Republican navy all over, nationwide.

From city/county counsel races to Governor and US Senator... Mitt Romney's candidacy for President took what should have been a banner year win for conservatives and left us without the will to fight on. Romney's flip flopping and lack of conviction sent us all running for cover from this battle, ashamed cowards with our tails between our legs. Even the best of us were unable to defend him.

As such conservatives failed to coalesce around Romney. Ashamed and thus already defeated they stayed home. Many Republican candidates regardless of their own righteous convictions or failures in how they spoke were left without enough overall turnout because Mitt Romney did not inspire conservative voters to burn their gas to get to the polls.

Mitt Romney sabotaged our party, he sabotaged the get-out-the-vote efforts for Tea Party, true Republicans, Libertarians, Constitution Party and anyone else who might have been of a conservative slant. Many of these would have caved in at the last moment and voted for Mourdock and Akin... that is if Mitt Romney's name had not been the only real alternative at the top of their ballots.

Mitt Romney thus caused all conservatives to receive less votes across all conservative 3rd parties. Yes he sabotaged Libertarians too. Because if you can't get excited to vote against Obama because the main alternative is more/less the same crap served up a different way... well thank you to those who believed this falsehood in 2011 and 2012... they are the one's that gave us Mittens as our poorest Republican nominee in recorded history.

RAND PAUL / Ron Paul 2016

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grammar police...

I think you mean "vice versa"?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose



It was obvious whenever

It was obvious whenever Priebus spoke about them he was leaving them out to dry. They did not care that they lost.

Also, Barbara Bush and other old establishments like Boehner telling the GOP to get over losing is another blatantly obvious sign that both establishments are working together.

Southern Agrarian