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"Inherit The Earth" : An Easy-to-Read Introduction To Biblical Economics

By Gary North

Rationale :


Free book - Inherit The Earth :


Excerpt :

"[...]Theft - The Religion of Socialism

The socialist assumes that (1) all property should belong to society, meaning the State; (2) there should be no such thing as private property; and (3) men will work for "society in general" with the same kind of intensity and dedication that they will work for their own families or for themselves. These assumptions are disproved every time they're attempted. That, of course, does not change the mind of the socialist. The reason why it doesn't change his mind is that the socialist is a deeply religious person. He has a very specific view of God, man, and law. He has a very definite opinion of the nature of man. And what he says is that society, through the inauguration of socialistic means of production and socialistic ownership, can transform the very nature of man.

This is basic to the Marxist system, and it's implied in all other socialist systems. It assumes one of two things: (l) man is very different from what the Bible says he is and what we know ourselves to be, or (2) man can be remade by the State to fit the socialist model, the socialist view of the truly dedicated and completely altruistic (selfless) man. There is another thing to consider. If an individual believes that his property is easily confiscated by the State, his goal will then be to take power over his neighbors by means of politics or bureaucracy. Seeking control over a neighbor's property by means of politics will eventually become much more important to many men than actually producing anything. Thus, not only will economic productivity drop, but people's resources, time, energy, and careful attention will be used to master a means of political theft rather than to actually produce goods and services for consumers.

Does this sound like the twentieth century ? It should."

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A great introductory read.

A great introductory read.

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