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How about a State law to limit government intrusion?

For each state and Washington DC we should get a petition to get a law in each state or as part of the state constitution.
That any government official from local to federal government including the POTUS that violates an individuals constitution rights defined by the US Constitution WILL be charged with a class A felony and WILL be trial by jury. Your state will nullify any exceptions to your constitutional rights that has been decided by government or any court. A person found guilty will not be allowed to hold any government job or elected position.

Your state will be required not to turn over any information on individuals to the Federal government for any reason.

Any records kept by the state including criminal records will be destroyed after investigation and or if convicted after the sentence is carried out.

Your state shall no retain or give records of any gun passion or gun purchases to anyone else. ANY information retained by the state on an individual may not be given to any other government agency without a search warrant. Any information kept by any government agency will not be "public record".

When a complaint against Government employees, companies contracting for any government agency, any individual working for contractor or subcontractor is filed it will be filed with a created department that investigates the alleged offense and a decision will be made by a grand jury to decide on administrative, civil and or criminal action should be taken.

we can start getting petitions in each state to get it on a ballot and bypassing your state legislature.