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Robert Wenzel Interview: Judge Nap 2016

Can he be persuaded to run?

I believe he is our best hope for moving our cause forward. Interview by Robert Wenzel of Economic Policy Journal:


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Better position...

I think Judge Nap could better serve the people if he was appointed to the Supreme Court. That is the group that needs a wake up call!

OT: anyone recognize the groovy blues at the show's open?

Very cool...

I'm voting for Peace.

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The obsession with the presidency!

I found the RP POTUS campaign as fun as the next guy, but there 4,000,000 other people in government we can get rid of too!

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I love Judge Napolitano...

...but who is going to vote for him that didn't vote for Ron Paul? Do we want exactly the same results or different results? Fair or not, sensible or not, Americans have almost always voted for senators/governors to be president, and not so many judges. One of the Dr.'s biggest challenges was that people didn't get to hear who he truly was and what he believed. Does the Judge have more name recognition than Ron? Can the Judge circumvent a media blackout better than Ron Paul, when they won't even air his TV show? A politician currently in office has the advantage of speaking about their position on the legislative debates of the day. Judge Napolitano doesn't get to be on TV much unless Jon Stewart has him on the show. How can he raise his profile so more Americans know who he is? I know many of us love people like Napolitano or Jesse Ventura, but we have to acknowledge some of the practical challanges.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams

Sounds good to me

I'll take Napolitano over Jesse Ventura any day who's been getting very popular on this website. May he sell his books and get the hell out of here so he can go back to Mexico and let the others do their thing.

If we really want to win ...

Then we must have Rand Paul 2016 ... We need the Neo-cons and the Sarah Palin Tea Party people. Rand does not fall far from his dad's tree. All this political posturing is to endear him to the establishment. We need not take offense ...

People we need to win this thing if we hope to get America moving in the right direction.

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Just finished listening...The Judge would make a great president

Thanks Ian56

Great interview! And he did

Great interview!

And he did not even laugh a single time except when asked about the possibility of the Judge2016 run.

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I know the Judge would be a

I know the Judge would be a phenomenal president....but isn't he gay? I'm pretty sure the Republican party isn't going to be ready for that quite that soon.

No, he's not...

...gay. Unless you have some insider info. He's a devout Roman Catholic, well respected in even hardline conservative circles, so I can't imagine where you would have even heard that. But you are right the GOP, and frankly most of America would probably not ready for that.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

The discussion of whether he

The discussion of whether he was or not took place years ago on the DP. I was under the impression that was the conclusion.

President James Buchanan

President James Buchanan (#15) was gay, so that's actually an easy argument to win in a debate.

actually most of America is ready for it

just look at all the recent polls about same-sex marriage. If they are ok with that (and most are) then I doubt they care if the President is gay. We have an openly gay/lesbian Senator now (Wisconsin) and an openly bisexual Representative(Arizona). Times they are a changing....or rather they have changed. Keep up!

I personally don't care one way or the other whether he is or not. I do know many gay Catholics, however.

Would the site change to the DailyNap or...

...would it just be a sister site or a subtitle?

I'm 100% on board for AndyNap 2016!

Maybe he'll have Tom Woods or Bob Wenzel or Lew Rockwell for campaign manager. No more of this Jesse Benton malarkey.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

Judge Nap would be both

the most effective and most principled candidate we could find. However, I am beginning to lose hope after seeing the multitude of Rand Paul pushers on this site. From a sheer practical standpoint, Rand could never attract the number of Independent and Democratic supporters that a principled man like the Judge could, as Rand is perceived, rightly or wrongly, as a Republican hack who will compromise on principle for the sake of his party. I am afraid we will get Rand as the nominee, and lose to Hillary because Rand won't be willing to give up the militaristic rhetoric or his notion that somehow Republicans are inherently more pro liberty than Democrats. If only Ron Paul were 30 years younger!

I think Rand is good in the Senate

and he should stay there a while

What militaristic rhetoric?

I think you're confused or misspoke there, but anyways, the judge is awesome. I would be completely happy with voting for either Rand or the judge.

Democrats are more pro-liberty than Republicans?

Which Party did Ron Paul run in? Which party did all the "pro-liberty" candidates that won Nov 7th come from?

There is no comparison, bub.


Did I say "Democrats are more pro-liberty than Republicans?"

I believe I didn't. I implied that there is essentially no measurable difference in the average pro-liberty content between rank and file Democrats and Republicans. Republican rank and file tend to be more pro-liberty than Democrats on economic issues, while Democrat rank and file tend to be MUCH more pro-liberty on civil and personal liberty and foreign policy issues. Certainly the leadership of both parties is beyond hope on ALL issues. The genius of Ron Paul is that he can appeal to the best pro-liberty elements of both parties. Honestly, if you think that the leadership of either party is even remotely pro-liberty (as Rand implies Reps are), you are not living in the real world.


some Pro-liberty candidates that have won that are Democrats.


The fact that a small fraction

of Republican office holders are pro-liberty, while certainly a much smaller fraction of Democrat office holders are pro-liberty, does not change the fact that the leadership of both parties is essentially totalitarian. If you missed the shenanigans during the primary season by the Romney forces, you should research them and come to understand that the object of the Republican Party leadership is power, and only power. Liberty is not even on the horizon. Rand Paul (and Jesse Benton, apparently) seems to think that the Republican leadership is concerned primarily with limiting government, when that has not been a concern of theirs in at least 70 years.

The Judge is #1 on my list,

The Judge is #1 on my list, next to Ron Paul. I would absolutely 100% support Judge Andrew Napolitano for POTUS 2016.


I listened yesterday morning

He said it wasn't in the cards. Honestly I don't think he's ever been interested in running for president. I think these questions only came up because Ron Paul mentioned his name as a possible VP in the primary.

You are right...

...but that is what they all say. 4 years is a lot of time to think.

Keimh3reg Peh2u Meg

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Thanks. Listening now.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

I would support Judge Napalitano if Dr. Paul does not run.

The Judge would be a great candidate for President.