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DP member and liberty lover looking to buy property in Maine. Help?

Fellow DP-ers,

My wife and I have been spending time looking at property in more secluded areas of the Northeast than our current situation in New York. After a lot of looking, we have narrowed our search down to southern Maine (say, from York to Portland and within an hour drive of the coast).

We have a few places in mind, but I thought "why not ask the Maine delegation on the Daily Paul?" Not knowing anyone in the area, my only source of information is the real estate agent scene, but I could think of no more objective bunch (for the most part) than the DP Community.

Please feel free to reach out or repond to the thread with your thoughts. Also, there is a chance we will be purchasing a tract of land that can be used for farming or livestock; however, in order to do so, we would require a "property steward" who would want to live on the property for VERY cheap (in case there are any such animal and nature lovers out there).


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