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Pat Robertson Advocates Making Marijuana Legal on 700 Club

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wrap it fat

for Pat

Don't Bogart that.

Keep some extra in your hat?

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What does health insurance

What does health insurance have to do with it?

Marijuana could be preventative care...

or something that is 'unproven' making it very hard for states to force insurance companies into covering marijuana - it would be treated like chiropractic, accupuncture, or psychotherapy.

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I don't trust

this a$$hat.

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A Couple Of Points

1) He makes it into a "liberals passing laws" issue. I don't remember hearing from too many conservatives (other than the libertarian ones) that marijuana should be decriminalized. And as someone else wrote - isn't it conservatives who "legislate morality"?

2) It's interesting how he talks about the money being spent. Isn't The 700 Club a religious show? I would think all he would care about is the morality of something, not the cost/benefit analysis.

3) He didn't talk about drugs other than marijuana. I would be interested to hear if he thinks those should be decriminalized as well (I highly doubt he would think that way).


He and I finally agree on something! Hasn't Ron Paul been saying this forever? Wish RP would get his own sunday show!


isnt the 700 club a hardcore

isnt the 700 club a hardcore conservative christian show??? surprising (but encouraging) to see a stance from someone like that. I wonder what he thinks about gay marriage...

Yes. Also, Robertson is a mega-millionaire

he owns thousands of acres of land - ranches and horses etc just like GWB.

(don't even get him started on gay people)


He has a commonsense and compassionate view on marijuana (specifically, not all drugs/plants) which took me by surprise when I saw this years ago...

Since mary j is such a hot topic right now I thought I'd dig up this video and post it. Thought it might be a hit here on DP...

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this will turn

into the white collar getting off scott free more than now even.

liberals adding laws???

wake up Pat!!!

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Pat is a spokesman for the media and big government ...

Both are being exposed and failing. And I suspect his donations are down ;)

Truth overcomes media BS when people start hurting from the failure of fake money.

he blames "the liberals" for the drug laws?

I always thought it was the conservatives that try to legislate morality... which of us is confused?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

FDR's administration passed first laws against Pot.

If you research history, the progressive Democrats of the 1930s were the first ones to attack marijuana usage. Granted, there was a switch over during the 1960s when the Neo-cons started infiltrating the Republicans and the New Left began taking over the Democratic Party, but classical FDR liberalism is really big on drug laws (along with regulating food, land zoning, et cetera), and that's why Obama has been such a pain on drug laws even compared to George W. Bush.

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Evangelical Right?



thinking how much it would suck because of new healthcare laws,if mary jane was legal everywhere but jobs ran more frequent drug test,for insurance ,and liability purposes.I see the positiveness in legalization,but also going to be unexpected blowback.

You forgot that it is being

You forgot that it is being used already. Drug testing won't increase because of any drug laws, but instead because of the new health care laws only.


saying wrong or right,but before there was the scare tactic of being tested whenever,now employers will surely know the odds of smokers being "dirty" will increase.

What does health care have to

What does health care have to do with it?

?? huh ?? I was responding to

?? huh ??

I was responding to a person that was answering your question. But how could that be since you didn't ask it when he made the comment?

Pat Robertson is left of Obama on pot!

Haha I'd love to see the progressives reaction to that!

Even a broken clock...

...is right twice a day.

He's been saying this for a

He's been saying this for a while, but it is surprising still.

Since the '70s

From what he said - hero to the hippies.

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