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Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution

Aldous Huxley speaking about his vision that non-violent techniques will be used to control human populations.


Interesting quote from the Q & A session:

@52:50 “Whether we can expect a long lasting dictatorship within the context of Nationalism, I don't know, I don't think so. I think we can expect dictatorships to arise, but not long lasting ones. I mean, I think even the best organized dictatorship, within the context of Nationalism, is likely as you say to lead to, to break itself down because one side of the paranoid state of mind will lead it into conflict, which will finally destroy it. This is a very important point. And then of course another point which was made by Sir Charles Darwin in his book, "The next million years", which I think was one which in different terms I envisaged in "Brave New World", he points out that the human species is still a wild species, it has never been domesticated. A domesticated species is one which has been tamed by another species, well until we get an invasion from Mars, we shall not be tamed by another species. All we can try is to try to tame ourselves, if an Oligarchy tries to tame ourselves, but the Oligarchy still remains wild. I mean however it succeeded in taming, domesticating the rest of the race, it must remain wild. This was part of the dramatic part of the fable of "Brave New World", is that the people in the upper hierarchy who were not ruthlessly conditioned could break down, and Charles Darwin insists that because man is wild, he can never expect to domesticate himself, because the people on top would always be undomesticated, and sooner or later always run wild. I think there is a good deal to be said for this point of view in regard to the permanence of any dictatorship.”

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You should read his cousins treatise.

Julian Huxley the first Director of UNESCO, wrote a treatise about how lives who are "not worth living" need to be eliminated in order to ensure that this world's resources remain for those people who are most "fit" to live.

It's effed up stuff.

The precise opposite of ....

"....that ALL MEN are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights of LIFE.... " etc.

In fact, it's pure evil. While the quote I provided above from the Declaration is pure good.


The YouTube link from the OP's post was removed due to copyright violations. I made my own post about this same exact speech (at the URL below), which has a link to working audio.