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TSA-Approved Luggage Locks Don't Always Keep Belongings Safe

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For about ten years, I traveled twice a year to either Ukraine

or Moldova. Depending on where I could get the cheapest flight - I would connect through, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Munich or London. I always traveled with TSA locks and NEVER had a single one missing in even the worst airports EXCEPT between Chicago to Green Bay.

Because you must go through customs in Chicago, you must pick up your bag - and then recheck it for that short flight from Chicago to Green Bay and almost every single time my lock was securely on in Chicago and missing in Green Bay.

Never anywhere else in the world - but I lost seven or eight locks from Chicago to Green Bay.

You know - on ebay you can buy lots of ten or 15 TSA locks of all different types, used. The same people are selling them as those who sell knives that have been confiscated - in other words representatives of TSA are selling them. You give up ownership of the knives willingly when you try to board a plane while carrying one - so I can see why they are for sale. But how do these people acquire a huge number of LOCKS? They simply steal them, reset them and sell them.


The luggage goes from you, to the airline, on the airplane, then back to you at your destination. What thieves??? The only thieves are the TSA.