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The real reason Walmart changed Black Friday to Black Thursday (Another Media lie BUSTED!)

Another media lie BUSTED! The real reason is because Walmarts warehouse workers are planning a strike walk out on Black Friday so Walmart changed it to Thursday. I know this because I received an email from the "American Rights at work" group telling all about it.

CBS radio (The Rush and Hannity station) said it had something to do with the Walmart workers should be home on thanksgiving.

Below is the copy and pasted email they sent.

(Something incredible is happening!

Just a month after strikes swept through Walmart stores and warehouses in 12 states – a new wave of "viral strikes" is making headlines.

Three weeks ago, Walmart workers in Northern California held a sit-in at one store and then walked off the job. Last Wednesday, warehouse workers in Southern California who move Walmart's goods went on strike. The next day, store workers in Washington also walked out. And then last Friday, workers in Texas joined the strike too.

These courageous actions tell us that the upcoming Walmart strikes and actions on Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year – are going to make history.

We want you to be part of it. Can you join us at a Walmart store near you on Black FridayFor more than a year, Walmart workers from around the country have been coming together to speak out for change. These workers have called on the company to address their concerns around low wages, unaffordable benefits, understaffing, erratic scheduling, and above all else the lack of respect in the workplace. Walmart warehouse workers have also been protesting the outrageous, unsafe conditions where they work.

After these brave workers spoke out for change, Walmart has been trying to silence them – some are getting fired, others are not getting called into work, and more are getting hours cut. It is not an easy decision, but without an end to the retaliation, Walmart workers across the country will be walking off the job in protest on Black Friday, November 23.

Will you back up these whistleblowers again and take your support of Walmart workers one step further? Then join in solidarity with Walmart workers as more go on strike on Black Friday!)

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