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The simple stupid easiest way to end the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict

This will probably get some laughs and some hate mail but here goes. It's so easy a child could have thought of this yet, no one has in 700 years.

This whole conflict is about control over land rights correct? Kind of like the Indians and US Government.

Anyway the solution is this....Just change the name of Israel to a new name with the agreement by both sides that the new name cannot be a Jewish or Islamic name. Especially if the new name is a stupid name, both sides will agree it's stupid. The whole point here being that they agree on something and finding common ground or "Coalitions" as Dr Paul puts it between Reps and Dems. If they both hate the name they agree on something and thats a start to peace. In the United States we have "Freedom of Religion". Changing the name and possibily a writing of a new constitution with Freedom of Religion amongst their land should end the conflict. Btw I predict a commentor will mention they should name it after Family Guys "Petoria" so I'm mentioning that before anybody else can.
A non Partisan name should help to generate the thinking to share the land because a non religious reference to the name will help them to remember that you cannot take the land with you after you die. Remember learning about sharing in preschool? Why is it that sometimes children are smarter than adults?

My wife made a reference today saying animals are smarter than humans when they fight because animals fight one on one where as humans create armys which kill many innocent humans. Animals are like our world leaders fighting one on one in a boxing match.

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watch that movie on youtube if you want good perspective from good folks on both sides.

The women at the beginning nails it - paraphrased

When you see a group lashing out it isnt because they woke up one day and started. Its because something is happening(Israel completely and tyrannically dominating these people) and they have decided they wont take it anymore.
Israel is playing the part of the Not zees in 30s/40s Germany.

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Okay. Half seriously :

Okay. Half seriously :

Middle Earth ?

Brethren Land ?

Isralestine ?

Palestrael ?


Jokingly :

United Mothers and Sons ?

River Banks Republic ?

Mead Lands Union ?


etc, etc.


Cynically wiser, maybe (all peoples living elsewhere than at said location) :

No Man's Land No More


God's Holy Reserve Yards

... and sign reads:

"Prolonged Human Trespassing Strictly Forbidden Until Further Notice.

Thank you for your passing by.

Have a nice pilgrimage continuation.

Please follow this arrow. --->>>"

[ ... ]

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I've been half-seriously suggesting "Israelistein" for years.

The half-joking part is figuring out if the end should be pronounced as "stine" or "steen".

Beautiful post in its elegant simplicity.

Love it.

I guess though, the main problem is getting everyone to take their fingers off the trigger for long enough to sign on some, any sort of agreement...

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