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Reality Check: What The Fiscal Cliff Means For Businesses, Employees & The Unemployed

Reality Check's Ben Swann takes a look at how the fiscal cliff might affect your life and what this would mean for businesses, employees and the unemployed.


Click here for Reality Check’s personal tax cheat sheet mentioned on the video.

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I would LOVE to see Ben Swann critique Dave Champion's Book, "Income Tax - Shattering the Myths"

Seriously.... Income tax rising and falling would mean nothing to most of us if we all knew what and whom the income tax was actually on!

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This really gets me angry

This really gets me angry when a reporter does not do his basic job.

This is 95% a great presentation. But the 5% misrepresentation is incredibly inexcusable. It makes me think that Swann has an AGENDA, and is not doing his duty as a reporter.

That misrepresentatino was when he was using the example of 300,000 in income to calculate taxes. He said that 250,000 is taxed at 35%. LIE. Your income is progressively taxed. You pay a lower rate for each salary range.

Terrible, terrible job. This is something he clearly should have known.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Decreased spending vs increased taxes...the oldest argument

This argument is being repackaged as something new, but it's one of the oldest arguments of all.

However, calling it 'Fiscal Cliff' is just to sensationalize the argument.

But let's be honest, the government hasn't tried to cut spending since Carter tried in his administration. When he tried this, BOTH parties set out to destroy him...that's how committed both parties are to increasing spending.

So if the numbers are as they say they are, they'll have to increase taxes and/or borrow more.

But why do we believe the numbers are as they say they are? After all the lies we've seen, they just can't be trusted to tell us the truth...especially about something like this. In any accounting class, one of the first things they'll tell you is that there are two sets of numbers: a fake one for those outside management, and a real one for management. The fake one is used primarily to control perception. Want people to buy your stock, make the numbers look good. Want to bust a union, make the numbers look like bankruptcy is on the horizon.

The government does this too inconjuction with companies. Over the decades, they made it seem like the banks, automakers, etc. were going to "fail"...then swooped in and "bailed" them out. What the government was really doing was getting into partnerships with select companies...driving out their competition in exchange for paying back a loan (with interest) that they didn't really need (like paying a mafia for protection).

The economy may not actually be that bad.

But why believe the "news". We KNOW the pundits are part of a media union that purposely lies to people, primarily painting grim pictures of everything. We KNOW the two party system is an illusion...so why believe the illusion's explanation about the economy?

The boy has not just cried wolf, it has named the wolf Osama Bin Laden, claimed the wolf was killed by friends, conveniently claimed the friends were killed by an accident, and eaten half the sheep.

The boy, draped in a sheepskin suit, now walks up to you and claims to have seen another wolf. WHY THE HELL BELIEVE HIM?


This was posted like 5 days ago. Should try to keep up. Great video though, love the Swann!


I was hoping...

...that Ben was going to point out that the spending "cuts" in the fiscal cliff aren't actually cuts, just reduction to proposed increases. Dr. Paul has outlined this very well on another occasion in a piece titled "When a Cut is not a Cut". Let the tax breaks expire. Let the tax hikes take effect. Everyone in the nation should know what taxes have to be to have a balanced budget when we're not using deficits anymore to hide the true cost of government. If we allow deficits to contine to ensure that we keep certain tax breaks, then the true cost of government is still hidden from the people. Who will oppose big government if we only make their kids pay for it instead of them? On the other hand, if you force the nation to see what government really costs, here and now, the ranks of the liberty movement would undoubtedly swell.

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