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55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America This Holiday Season

55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America This Holiday Season

By Michael
November 19th, 2012

This is the time of the year when Americans run out to their favorite retail stores and fill up their shopping carts with lots of cheap plastic crap made by workers in foreign countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages. By doing this, the American people are actively participating in the destruction of the U.S. economy. You see, buying products that are made in America is not just a matter of national pride. It is a matter of national survival. If we do not support American workers, they are going to continue to see their jobs shipped out of the country. If we do not support American businesses, they are going to continue to die off at a staggering rate. Last year, the United States had a trade deficit with the rest of the world of 558 billion dollars. More than half a trillion dollars that could have gone into the pockets of U.S. workers and U.S. businesses went overseas instead. If that money had stayed in the country, taxes would have been paid on that mountain of cash and our local, state and federal government debt problems would not be as severe. As a result of our massive trade imbalance, we have lost tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of national wealth. Both major political parties have sold us out on these issues, and we are getting poorer as a nation with each passing day. We desperately need a resurgence of economic patriotism in the United States before it is too late.

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I've worn American made jeans...

..from Pointer Brand in Tennessee for 15+ years. 3rd generation family-owned company and unlike many textile plants non-union. Sure, the jeans are $46 but they fit exceptionally well and last a very long time - I look good and feel great knowing I'm helping hard-working Americans earn a living. I began my quest for US-made jeans when a pair of wranglers that were weeks old fell apart on me - I've tried other US-made brands but keep coming back. Texas Jeans were a little cheaper but they don't fit the same and the quality isn't there. Been meaning to try some Diamond Gussets but for the money I just keep going back to Pointer.

Working for Liberty, Freedom and Prosperity in the Constitution State.

"legal to pay slave labor wages"?

exactly what are "slave labor wages"?

the minumum wage only hurts the unskilled.