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Why Are Sick People Who Use Medical Marijuana Put In Prison?

{Editor’s Note: This is the 1st installment of a series of articles attempting to address the 32 questions posed by Ron Paul in his recent farewell speech given in front of Congress}

Marijuana has effectively been illegal in the United States since the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937. While technically this Act merely taxed the sale and possession of Marijuana, the regulatory body created to carry out the Act refused to actually issue licenses, effectively making everyone engaged in the commerce or possession of marijuana in violation of federal law. Since then, millions of people have gone to jail for mere possession of a plant that has many known and proven health benefits. The prohibition of marijuana, much like alcohol prohibition before it, has only served to create more criminals by sending otherwise non-violent people to jail and effectively sentencing them to a life of crime from there on out. At the same time producing the creation of violent drug cartels that seek the vast profit opportunities created by sending the product underground.

Luckily, the attitude of the country is currently changing towards marijuana as the medical benefits become more known. 18 states including Washington D.C. have now legalized marijuana for medical use, while Colorado and Washington State recently went as far as to legalize the herb completely for adults. The Federal Government, however, still considers marijuana a Schedule I illegal substance, and doesn’t seem to care much for States who disagree.

Take the example of Chris Williams from Montana, who opened up a marijuana grow house shortly after medical marijuana was made legal in the State. Despite Montana law, Williams was arrested by Federal agents and, thanks to completely irrational mandatory minimum sentencing laws, is now facing up to 80 years in in a cage. And Williams won’t be the only victim here; his teenage son will be without his father, all because of a plant that has been documented to help sick people and is far less harmful than alcohol, which of course is perfectly legal for adults.

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story time

the fed gov with help from a few 3-4 lettered agencies
haul pot it
they sell it to their friends(who never get busted)
these friends sell it to others(trickle down)
the ones on the bottom(as there are so many)
are the ones who go to jail
the police make a fortune through(forfeiture of assets,this enables them to create even more criminals
in court the judge sentences the criminals(remember there are thousands upon thousands)the judge gets a kickback for all court costs/fines,this goes into his retirement accounts(untaxed of course)
these same judges own a percentage of the prison complex(incentive
to find guilty)
these prisoners work for chump change working for the prison,while the owners rake in more even more money(through taxes/subsidies) and the labor of the inmates
in some states they have 3 strikes you are out,this creates a revolving door for the inmates and the prison complex
they know where they live,they always keep tabs on their prize
and seeing pot is an easy bust,it is an easy money maker
now some of the inmates get used in medical procedures(untold to them)this generates even more money as they are paid for the use of their inmates
some inmates create such things as missiles for the MIC,this gives the prison complex more cash,

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


proponents of the legalize and tax marijuana camp don't realize is that the current systems probably allows the state to extract the most tax revenue from citizens. The drug war and harsh legal ramification drive up the price. Remove those false market constraints and marijuana would be dirt cheap. There would be almost nothing to tax. The current system allows the state to extract tax from the populace under the cover of keeping society safe. The non violent, victims of unjust drug laws are used to justify the scores of probabtion officers and prisonn empolyees that would otherwise be unnecessary. And that's not even factoring in the billions that would be lost by the pharm industry if marijuana was legalized.

The Hate

I think another reason for the drug war is to create an "enemy" - drug dealers, etc., for the public to rally against. Then the government can produce "wins" to show how they are protecting us and the common good, even though it's total BS.


See the HBO Show "The Wire" for some perfect examples of this.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Why? Because prohibition works.

It creates a black market which is highly7 profitable. It also provides and endless source of revenue in a "prison for profit" system, without having to incarcerate scary people like murderers and rapists.

Sadly - I have come to believe the real reason is because Americans are without compassion.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

That's a good point

The Drug War isn't really "failing" as many often say. It is doing exactly what it was designed to do: empower the cartels while profiting the legal and prison industries.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*