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Modern Medicine - a legacy of evil that continues today.

I was trained to do "clinical research" by Ely Lily. When I tell you that you are a human guinea pig, I am not being dramatic. I am telling you that those "life saving drugs" are NOT- they are profitable lifelong addictions to substances that were conceived and developed with evil intent. There is NO seeking cures, the FDA will take your license from you if you claim to find a cure. Whatever your health problems may be, THERE IS PROBABLY A CURE. You will have to dig for it. If you choose to go with prescriptions, please understand how these drugs were brought to market. Here is a history lesson for you:

Here is a lovely excerpt for you. (Please note that doing this to women with post-partum blues means leaving a newborn without a mother.)

"(1957 - 1964) As part of MKULTRA, the CIA pays McGill University Department of Psychiatry founder Dr. D. Ewen Cameron $69,000 to perform LSD studies and potentially lethal experiments on Canadians being treated for minor disorders like post-partum depression and anxiety at the Allan Memorial Institute, which houses the Psychiatry Department of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. The CIA encourages Dr. Cameron to fully explore his "psychic driving" concept of correcting madness through completely erasing one's memory and rewriting the psyche. These "driving" experiments involve putting human test subjects into drug-, electroshock- and sensory deprivation-induced vegetative states for up to three months, and then playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements for weeks or months in order to "rewrite" the "erased" psyche. Dr. Cameron also gives human test subjects paralytic drugs and electroconvulsive therapy 30 to 40 times, as part of his experiments. Most of Dr. Cameron's test subjects suffer permanent damage as a result of his work (Goliszek, "Donald Ewan Cameron"). "

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If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence