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TSA Tacit Threat To Opt Out Journalist: ‘We know Who You Are’

TSA Tacit Threat To Opt Out Journalist: ‘We know Who You Are’

Blogger revealed screeners are wearing badges upside down to avoid identification

Steve Watson
Nov 20, 2012

The TSA has publicly slammed a journalist who opted out of an x-ray body scan and then reported that her genitals were groped by an agent who refused to provide her name and even wore her TSA badge UPSIDE DOWN to avoid being identified.

As we reported yesterday, talk radio host Amy Alkon related the recent incident at JFK airport, during which she was threatened with arrest by a TSA supervisor who also refused to identify himself.

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/tsa-tacit-threat-to-opt-out-journali...

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Amy Alkon rips Bob Burns of the TSA Blog Team


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