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Today: European Parliament votes to protect WikiLeaks

Tuesday, 20th November 1900 GMT
European Parliament votes to protect WikiLeaks. In a landmark decision today the European Parliament initiated the drafting of legislation that would stop the arbitrary banking blockades against WikiLeaks and other organizations facing economic censorship. This is an important signal from the European lawmakers. It is a recognition of the seriousness of the precedents set in December 2010, still in force, when Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union and Bank of America launched a unilateral, extrajudicial banking blockade against donations to WikiLeaks. The blockade has cost the organization more than US$50 million. The US Treasury formally found last year that there is no lawful reason why WikiLeaks should be placed on the US embargo list, but the highly political blockade continues. WikiLeaks welcomes the support of MEPs on this important issue and agrees with the European Parliament, which "considers it likely that there will be a growing number of European companies whose activities are effectively dependent on being able to accept payments by card; [and] considers it to be in the public interest to define objective rules describing the circumstances and procedures under which card payment schemes may unilaterally refuse acceptance."

Source: http://wikileaks.org/European-Parliament-votes-to.html

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Next step

Freedom for Assange. He's nothing but a political enemy of the banksters.

That he may very well be; but

That he may very well be; but in a free world, free people, owning free companies, can decide to not process payments to and from anyone they darned well please. For any old trumped up reason they may very well fancy. It's part of the definition of freedom. Having a bunch of Eurocrats decide whom you may and may not transmit payments to, is just as bad as having them decide whom you may not.

Besides, Wikileaks accepts Bitcoin payments, which make infinitely more sense that easily traceable banking/credit card system payments amyway. Route around the scum. Render them irrelevant. Cross your fingers and hope they become so irrelevant they either have to find something useful to do with their pathetic little busybody lives, or simply starve to death.

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