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RandPac: Petition to: My Congressman and Senators

RandPac: Petition to: My Congressman and Senators

If the federal government can arrest you on a whim and throw you in prison for years - without ever giving you the opportunity to prove your innocence - what freedoms do you and I really have left?

Strauven, the fight over the indefinite detention of American citizens in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) strikes at the very heart of our fragile Republic.

It effectively GUTS the 6th Amendment to the Constitution. It effectively places the freedom of every American citizen at the mercy of federal bureaucrats.

The good news is, during the last fight over indefinite detention, my amendment to strip this provision out of the NDAA failed by only five votes.

But grassroots citizens like you from all over the country had very little time to mobilize.

This time, the story is different. With your help, I'm hopeful the outcome will be different, as well.

So won't you please sign the STOP INDEFINITE DETENTION Petition I've made up for you, so I can circulate it throughout the Senate?


Sadly, I've already been met with hems and haws at my request to insert language reaffirming the 6th Amendment in the NDAA.

The same Members of Congress who swear to uphold the Constitution can't even be counted on to vote to pass its provisions through the Senate!

They simply say, "What's the big deal? The federal government will never abuse that power."

Even if you believe that, what do we do when men take power who would?

Do we then stand up and ask for our Constitution back? And do we expect them to just say "ok?"

The Founders understood that men are corrupt and too much power in the hands of a few is incredibly dangerous.

They didn't even trust each other with this kind of power!

And they understood that our Creator endowed each of us with certain inalienable rights.

Today, those rights are under assault like never before.

It's up to you and me to protect them.

So please sign your STOP INDEFENITE DETENTION Petition TODAY, so I can show my colleagues that you simply won't stand by while they destroy the very foundations of our Republic.


Since my amendment last time only failed by five votes, your signed petition could make all the difference this time around.


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