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Going to run, Rand? Here's my 2 cents worth.

First I would like to dig up an old saying:
"Insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results."

I suggest you do things differently from your father, radically differently.

1. Announce your run NOW. You need the grassroots whether you believe that or not. Your father's campaigns were made up mostly of small donations over time. If you want to get more money out of this turnip patch, the way to do it is to give us 4 years to make our small contributions.

2. Take a VERY controversial stand on whatever you think is worthy. If I had a genie in a lamp, I would wish for you to take on 9-11, but even if you (like your father) cannot "handle the controversy" I urge you to take a stand on something that matters. Do it loud and proud. You have FOUR YEARS to change the conversation on something, anything. Pick something. The FOX-watching sheep will never wake up to anything important unless the issue is forced upon their awareness.

3. Understand the impact on the grassroots of your compromises. Many at this site claim you are positioning yourself to get in good with the GOP. Do you not understand about the Franklin Scandal? Are you unaware how corrupt your new friends are? We need to populate the GOP with honest, decent people, why are you coddling those that need to be tried for treason? By appeasing them, you lose me and others like me. I seek HONESTY. If you are engaging in doublespeak with the intent of getting power, then busting loose with some liberty, you have become what we sought to get rid of. You will lose the supporters you gained by lying and perhaps become known as "Rand Paul the flip-flopper." There will be fodder a-plenty to smear you with for the rest of your life. (Think "those letters" and your father. He lived decades of an exemplary "liberty for all" political life and yet remained haunted by the letters even in this last campaign. If you cannot win voters by saying what you really want do to, then what do you really win by lying to get votes?

4. Stop the nepotism. There are several incredibly talented people who have been identified by their work on your father's campaigns. They have proven their trustworthiness, and you need their "shadow" to clean the tarnished image of campaigns left by your father. The divide between the grassroots and official campaigns is a career killer, I suggest you embrace the people that put you in office - the grassroots. Picking "experienced" sycophants is putting power-mongers into the heart of your campaign. I don't care if they are your relatives, they are a liability if they have any personal political goals.

5. Consider the "Hail Mary." I DO understand this is a very dangerous move, but we are getting into desperate times. I realize it would likely cost you an election, but what would have more value - having you "win" a rigged election, or having you spend the next four years putting "the whole truth" our there? Not this issue or that one, but every time anyone asks you a question, lay it all out there. Anyone asks you about Israel, ask for an official apology for the USS Liberty before you will consider them an ally. If anyone tries to "getcha" on 9-11 - ask them about the disturbance of a crime scene that played out on national TV starting on 9-12. SOMEONE ordered the clean up BEFORE the investigation - that is a felony. Prove to be a champion of health liberty and tell the truth about marijuana - that no one has EVER died from its use and so its classification as a schedule 4 drug (or 5 or whatever it is these days) is absurd. Tell them you want to see clinical research into the findings of Rick Simpson. ("Run From The Cure.") You get the idea? TRUTH. It is unpopular, but rumor is it will set you free.

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Rand should do what any good

Rand should do what any good politician does; lie. Lie, lie, and lie some more. Tell everybody what they want to hear and ignore everyone who thinks they know how politics works, because their advice SUCKS at getting votes. Tell the undocumented you have a path to papers, tell the poor you have wealth to offer them, tell the rich they can keep their riches, tell the middle class you're all about them, and tell the tree huggers you planted 50 oaks in your back yard.

Then.. when you win by an avalanche, you do what you were going to do with or without their permission. Because that is what ALL the WINNERS do. Everyone walks around this site telling people to 'wake up' but they're all asleep themselves when it comes to how this game works. Quit backseat driving the campaign, knocking a good man down, and openly discussing possible strategy where opponents can gain insight to said strategy. You are going to fuck this man out of his chance. If you like him, vote and advocate for him. If not quietly sit in the corner while we try and fix the country for you like the liberal in republican clothing that you are. But whatever you do; stay out of the way.

RAND PAUL - 2016


you sound like youre the one who should be running!!
with all your past wins and all.

Good thing both Drs Paul never win at anything and need some good advice.

I say it over and over, most of Pauls (either one) own supporters do not realize the brain power in both of these men.
No one knows half of what Ron went up against in our SE Texas district...and rand grew up watching and learning. Rand is not as experienced as Ron, but he is STRONGER.
Dont get me wrong, Ron is the greatest politician/statesman of our time and his son is just like him- the exception?
Rand will climb into the swamp with them and drag them out by their ears.
Ron would never get in the swamp but Rand doesnt care.
I guess rand feels he must do this in light of our current situation.
Rand plays for keeps and wont back down and will BITE THEM back.

We finally get an awesome street fighter for life and liberty but some clowns think they know better then the actual winners do!!

rand and ron have telepathy.
one has the others thoughts but they work for the same outcomes differently.
Rand will wipe the floor with the criminals.
Rand will BRING IT and all ready IS!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

OK, YOU say it, but what Rand says is different.

I realize most Rand supporters think he is gaming the GOP- I have no reason to believe he is not gaming us. You are acting on faith and I prefer to act on the facts before me. You seem to believe they have special powers, I am pretty sure they are mere mortals and Rand may honestly believe his father is wrong on some issues and the 2 have learned to agree to disagree.
Understand this - my father and I NEVER talked politics. He believed I was a liberal, I believed he was a "warmongering Republican." Turns out we were both Libertarians - he was actually a pen-pal of Ayn Rand's for a number of years and worked with RP on Goldwater's campaign. I did not learn these things until he was dead. There is a deliberate effort to divide the generations ideologically, an effort so effective that people who agree may not even be able to see it.
And for what it is worth, I did win the only race I was involved in - my husband's campaign.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Rand does not listen to libertarians...

He runs away from them and has lackeys excommunicate them from their OWN damn movement!!!

Rand Paul / Ron Paul 2016

Rand needs to run his campaign his way.

His wife Kelley should be his most trusted advisor as she has certainly proved herself in the past. I recall her words to Rand, his quote of her wonderful advise to him... "Think before you speak."

Ron Paul should be Rand's official liaison and grassroots stand-in at times; but only as appropriate of course.


Does Kelley have political aspirations of her own?

Family who do not have a "horse in the race" is very different from family like Benson, looking to ride his famous relatives coattails to a little political power of his own.

I have DEEP respect for Ron Paul, but "liberty" is bigger than the Paul family, and I believe they would be better off to get some "fresh blood" in the mix. For instance.... Why was Nystrom not in charge of PR? Did you see the campaign ever do anything as effective as this site? And what happened to Cat Bleish? She was such a force that Alex Jones took time out of his busy life to screw her over, and this campaign I never heard a peep out of her. Family is better to support the man, but the people who are effective have proven themselves over the course of 2 campaigns now - give them a shot at a win.
And not to slight Dr. Paul's achievements, but he lost all presidential runs, and only won in a district where he delivered many of the voters.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I don't think DR Paul or Rand

are incapable of "handling the controversy" of 9/11, rather, as wise Statesmen, they will let due process take it's proper course with a full independent inquiry.
First rule of politics...don't piss off the people who can stop you getting to where you need to go.

How will "due process" happen?

That does not look like wisdom to me, it looks like they have joined the conspiracy of silence.
"Due Process" means someone is seeking justice. I see only politicians conspiring to prevent justice from happening. That is the trouble with politics, a politician "needs" to win, while the people they supposedly represent need to know the truth.
What is the greater need, political power, or truth? Hint: One of those things is rumored to "make you free."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

don't hold your breath/wish it weren't so


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Upvote for critical thinking

Even though I don't agree with most of it.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Upvote for agreeing to disagree and not being disagreeable!

Chris, that reply made me happier than agreeing with me. Peace, my bruthuh!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.