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Video Update: "Bernanke Loses It"



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So has Bernanke been charged with assault yet?

Where are the charges? Has that counterfeiting slime ball arrested so we can get a nice mug shot and perp walk out of it too.

Lets do to him what they always do to the average Joe.



I don't like that Bernanke is portrayed as evil or crazy. Bernanke is a very well educated economist and a brilliant man in many ways. We don't need to bash the chairman of the fed to be anti fed. Given that the fed exists, shouldn't the chairman do what he believes to be the best policy?
Bernanke is wrong on many things in my opinion but c'mon people, can't you see that what is written about Bernanke here on daily paul is usually just slurs and several levels below a decent discussion?

If you want to "expose" Bernanke, having someone run up to him with a camera and ask all kinds of silly questions is not the way. Why? because he is on another level. Having a 100 page report signed by some prominent economists or having a long scientific debate, exposing some dishonest data/reporting in Bernankes figures might be a better way. The type of questions Luke Rudkowsi asks are unfortunately beneath the level that the discussion needs to be held at.

EDIT: I must add that I really liked the wearechange video when Obama supporters were asked their opinions on his policies framed as being Romney-policies. Hilarious and right on the point. Keep doing more of those videos, you are on to deep water with the economics.

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The fed

Is the arch enemy to any form of freedom.

James Madison

The arch-enemy of freedom?

I would think that is government. But the fed comes close and is an important instrument for the government. All those who think the fed runs the government don't know what they are talking about. The government has the guns so the government runs the fed, simple as that.

I would like all of you who argue with me to read some of Ron Paul's more in-depth writings on the fed. If you read them you'll see he doesn't want to actually end the fed, just its monopolistic power.

Back to my initial point: asking a question that has a 12 hour answer that would require Luke Rudkowski to take econ classes for years in order to understand is just not a good question. Attacking Ben Bernankes qualifications, competence etc. in an ad hominem fashion is just pathetic and beneath the liberty movement. Dr Paul would not approve.

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I dislike

The drug as much as i dislike the drug dealer...

Good to know you have Dr. Pauls approvals list though. You would never here me tell anyone to pipe down if they were not fond of the chairman. Yes i agree with you on attacking people personally, that is me though. I find ways to disprove approval in other ways.

So is this how you are carting on the revolution? By trying no make a case for the fed? Are you requesting that people here read the book, "END THE FED"? And take away from it that we just need to make it less applicable to our govt or actually end it?

I think what you are trying to say is that Dr. Pauls message is to strategically end the federal reserve over time, not in one big hack, right along with SS and medicare?

James Madison

Nice try

Nice try, Bernanke!


4 downvotes and a snarky comment? is this what the daily paul has been reduced to?

Why can't you have a civilized discussion? why can't we separate critizing the feds existence from criticisng the current fed policy? why can't both those things be separated from personal attacks on the chairman? Are the people criticizing Bernanke really aware of his research? I would think not.

Think about it this way: tomorrow you are the chairman of the federal reserve, what do you do? Obviously you try your best to put interest rates at an appropriate level. Fed critics would argue that this is impossible and I would agree. That is actually the core of the criticism of the fed, that they have taken upon themselves an impossible task. Given that, it seems really strange to be critical of the chairman because his policies are not succesful.

If Bernanke was replaced tomorrow, everything would be fine right? Sounds like a very leftist argument along the lines of the government being good, it's just that some bad people did some bad things and if "we" just do it "right" it's all going to be fine.

Reduced to? No - the truth has always been here.

Where to start.

1. Silly questions beneath him - well to that I say - "Great men show their greatness by how they treat others"(even those beneath them) - so Ben is not so great by that standard
2. "Think about it this way: tomorrow you are the chairman of the federal reserve, what do you do?" - I thought the "just doing our job" myth was busted years ago in Germany. A moral, great man, would never TAKE the job since the job is immoral to begin with. Proving your greatness by doing an immoral act better than someone else is not greatness at all.
3. "why can't we separate critizing the feds existence from criticisng the current fed policy? why can't both those things be separated from personal attacks on the chairman?" - this is one of the root cancers in our society - denial - Ben is responsible for his actions - period. He IS the fed and as such deserves personal criticism for his actions - sorry - but you are who you are - you don't get to put on a costume when you go to work and claim - "that's not me" - BS - the person and the job are the same. It's no different than a stripper getting insulted when you call her a stripper - we are a country in denial.

Do men insult strippers by the clothes they take off?

Something is amiss. Turn up the house lights & see what it is.

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.
- "More Maxims of Mark," Johnson, 1927

"A policeman in plain clothes is a man; in his uniform he is ten. Clothes and title are the most potent thing, the most formidable influence, in the earth. They move the human race to willing and spontaneous respect for the judge, the general, the admiral, the bishop, the ambassador, the frivolous earl, the idiot duke, the sultan, the king, the emperor. No great title is efficient without clothes to support it.
- "The Czar's Soliloquy" by Mark Twain

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Of course you are responsible for your actions

That's just a quote and has nothing to do with this context. Ben Bernanke is a great and knowledgeable economist and he has done a lot of stuff apart from being chairman of the fed. It's ridicolous to make personal attacks on Bernanke because of disagreement on if the fed should exist or not and if so in which form. Look at Ron Paul and Bernankes discussions, heated but still civil and with lots of facts and intelligent analysis.

The person doing the job is obviously responsible, especially when there is a monopoly type of situation. And that is what the critcism should look like. I'm too critical of fed policy, central banking etc. but calling the chairman "stupid" "incompetenet" etc. is just pathetic when it clearly isn't so. It just shows a lack of understanding the issue and not being able to form a proper argument.

It is the job of Ben Bernake

It is the job of Ben Bernake to steal every last penny you have earned with your blood, sweat and tears and give to the Phucking bankers. And you believe he is not an evil man??? Do you work for the Fed?? or exactly what is your issue???

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

I think they are very

I think they are very reasonable.question for one reason, thy make him uncomfortable when exposed to realistic questions. When Bernanke - actually the Tres, Sec - advocates for the elimination of the debt ceiling he is advocating for the removal of the one tool that requires politicians to discuss the monolithic beast and run away train that is going to be partof our downfall. Citizens and journalists have played nice with these crooks for years and it has gotten us no where. If a private citizens asks the Chairman uncomfortable question I Amin full support.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

From FB

"my ? hey Bernanke how can the american public trust you when you engineered and kept secret the largest bailout in the history of the world" -Luke

here is a pic

from Luke's Facebook
Here's a picture of Ben Bernanke absolutely pissed at me calling for security today video will be out in a few hrs

(pic) Paul Volcker was standing their like WTF is happening as I was confronting Ben Bernanke today

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Oh man, definitely can't wait

Oh man, definitely can't wait to see the video!

Ben looks like

a butthurt chipmunk.

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I find that his "We are change" Videos are useless.....

Really... I mean he chases down true villains like Bernaanke, asks them questions that he knows they will never answer in a very antagonistic way and then the people walk away from him and he chases them uselessly. What does that show? What does that accomplish??

"Oh my God! Look!! That villain is walking away from an antagonistic useless "reporter"!! it must mean that he's guilty of what he's asking him! It just proved EVERYTHING we were saying about him all along!" NOT!

He even chased down one of our biggest allies and a great American in Rand Paul when we all got mad that he endorsed Romney. It just shows how ignorant and useless he is. I mean we were all a little disappointed to say the least when we heard that endorsement because we all still firmly believed in Ron Paul's chances to win the delegate battle and to just stay through and fight with honor till the end...... But now look at the amazing work Rand is doing for the cause of Liberty in the senate.

We just need to believe, keep educating ourselves and others and stand ready to stand for what we believe in. This 'we are change' guy chasing down villains with useless antagonistic questions, accomplishes nothing and discredits himself and his organization in the process.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."


It's so common that good posts get downvoted and that posts that says "Bernanke is a bad person" or "Rand is the devil" get upvotes. The level of discussion here has really, really sunk in the last six months.


He is far better than most in congress and I would vote for him as president but he's far from being Ron. Maybe it'll work for us as a reasonable compromise if we can get him in the WH. Ideally he'll be just like his dad once he gets gets into power. But for now he's still a question mark.

Also I can't get upset w people who up vote anti-rand posts because he did vote for sanctions

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A man can repent, doesn't change his past actions

"But now look at the amazing work Rand is doing for the cause of Liberty in the senate."

I am using a metaphor: a murderer might do great work later in life. However, he still committed a murder, and I would not want my children around him.

Rand Paul demonstrated that he is capable of selling out. Would I trust my future liberty to such a person? It's a tough call, for some.

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I respect your opinion and I see what you're saying but I still disagree. While you're right that Bernanke walking away doesn't mean he's "guilty as charged" but I think the usefulness is in seeing how consistent the reactions are to questions about Bilderberg. Clearly there is something that is being hidden from the people. And shouldn't THAT be the media's job - to bring stuff like that out?

Some of the people he interviews acknowledge that Bilderberg exists but the media either lacks or denies knowledge of its existence (I think Lawrence O'Donnell is one) or won't say a word about it (Jill Abramson, Charlie Rose). Does it make ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER that at least some members of the media know about meetings between the world's elites but yet DON'T report on it?!

And the heavy hitters in the world of finance/economics like Bernanke SHOULD NOT be allowed to just have these highly controlled meetings w/ congress. These men SHOULD BE accountable enough to the people to at least take their questions. The MSM is such an obvious sham (in the sense that it is highly unquestioning) that we need people out there like Luke to push the envelope.


What are you doing OutOfBalance.Please show us what you are doing.Post some Video of your good deeds,or,shut the hell up,and crawl back into you little Safe House.

Fed Up Vet

Totally disagree. Maybe you

Totally disagree. Maybe you forgot, or just don't know, what the press of our parents and grandparents used to be like--they used to ask tough questions. They also used to make a habit of pissing people off.

Luke has come a long way and he just keeps getting better. Give it time, this kid is going to perfect his craft and do something good in the future.

Hard to judge

without seeing the video.

I'm sure Bernanke gets a lot of crap he doesn't deserve in addition to all of the criticism he does deserve. Being bad at running an institution that shouldn't exist and is structurally engineered to encourage corruption doesn't make him a bad human being. Just flawed, like the rest of us.

The best thing we can do is convince people, however long that takes, that our side is right. Things like Rick Perry saying he would hang Bernanke for treason is a waste of time and counterproductive to convincing people that the Fed needs to close its doors.


Tell everyone what you are DOING Mashimaro to make life better in America...can`t wait for you to show us what must be done.

Fed Up Vet

Huh? You act like he is the

Huh? You act like he is the duped head of the post office with that description.

He is the head of the vehicle that has stolen the wealth of the nation and ruined the greatest experiment in freedom to date...

Do you really think this guy is just a dumb dumb figure head and doesn't know what he is involved in??? I am pretty sure he doesn't get 99% of the crap he actually deserves..

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You must have pushed a button

This ought to be good.

well this wouldn't be the first time

someone tried to rip out the camera/Microphone from WAC.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


Cant wait to see this video.

Should Bernanke be charged

with assault ??

Ron Swanson