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I smile everytime I see this title pop up.

"Are we free to go?" LOL

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Ron Paul is NOT arguing for Secession

I refuse to believe that Ron Paul does not know "all" of the history surrounding Southern Secession -- but it is possible.

Why do I say that?

The Secession Commissioners were sent state-to-state to try to convince the remaining Southern Slave Owning States to join the Confederacy and Secede.

ALL THE ARGUMENTS the Secession Commissioners gave (ALL OF THEM) were all 100% about slavery and the limitations regarding its expansion.

Here are just a few quotes (remember this is the language they used to convince the others):

Judge Alexander Handy, commissioner to Maryland, stated that “The first act of the black republican party will be to exclude slavery from all the Territories, the District [of Columbia], the arsenals and forts, by the action of the federal government. That would be a recognition that slavery is a sin… The moment that slavery is pronounced a moral evil—a sin—by the general government, that moment the safety of the rights of the South will be entirely gone.”

Here's another:

William Harris, commissioner to Georgia, put the choice before the south squarely in the context of preserving slavery: “[Either] this new union with Lincoln Black Republicans and free negroes, without slavery; or, slavery under our old constitutional bond of union, without Lincoln Black Republicans, or free negroes, either, to molest us.” [Dew 29]

Two More Reads should Shut-Down any notion that the South went to war for any OTHER reason OTHER THAN slavery:

#1 The Declaration of Clauses (Written by each state)

---Use Google

#2 The Confederate Constitution (hahahahaha) -- It mentions slavery 28 times. Here's just ONE quote from the Confederate State Consitution

Article IV Section 3(3)
The Confederate States may acquire new territory; and Congress shall have power to legislate and provide governments for the inhabitants of all territory belonging to the Confederate States, lying without the limits of the several states; and may permit them, at such times, and in such manner as it may by law provide, to form states to be admitted into the Confederacy. In all such territory, the institution of negro slavery as it now exists in the Confederate States, shall be recognized and protected by Congress, and by the territorial government: and the inhabitants of the several Confederate States and Territories, shall have the right to take to such territory any slaves lawfully held by them in any of the states or territories of the Confederate states.[38]

the rloveution 3.0

everyone is beautiful don't you know stay the positive side: not "secession" but Restore the Republic { still and always was the best jingo for liberty }


...for common sense.

I am thrilled

that Ron Paul is chiming in on this issue.

Adds legitmacy, IMO.

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