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More Neocon "Praise" for Rand Paul: He's Not His Father

"Wow, the word is out in Neocon land: Give Rand a chance. First, Bill Kristol, from on high calling Rand a strong 2016 presidential candidate and now WaPo's Jennifer Rubin on Rand Paul:"


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Rand knows how to play his cards.

As much as we would all love for Rand to call the Neoconservatives out from the Senate floor like his father did from the House floor, that's not going to work until we're competitive with Neocons in the Conservative propaganda market.

Great observation


All he would be running for...

is to be their errand boy. The minute he goes off script he's dead or blackmailed back into line. Ron Paul was the last statesman ever allowed because he didn't pose a threat to the establishment. Rand will NOT become the establishment, unless he disavows everything his father stood for. And that transformation has already taken place...

This is nothing to be happy about... Nothing at all.

This is a good thing

We are taking over the party.

We won't get everything we want, but it's better than the road we are currently on. Rand is by far the most honest person in the Senate and when Ron leaves, the entire Congress.

the neo cons have a problem with pride

they now see ron paul was right, but since they spent years knocking him, they can not swallow their pride and say they were wrong. Instead they say that there is a difference between ron and rand (without pointing out the difference) and get in rands bandwagon because they see that the pauls are correct.

A "conservative" site has trash post about Dr.Paul

See Free Republic site,thread Ron Paul Good Riddance.

Really horrible.

Well, we hate 'em but let

Well, we hate 'em but let them save face and move over before they are steamrolled by people who want our freedom back.



I'd vote for a Rand

Paul before I ever vote for a Rubio. Rand supports more of my interests than any other possible 2016 potus candidate as of yet, now if he would only come out strong against the irs I'd be ecstatic. I just hope he doesn't get corrupted by the neocons, time will tell.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

looks like it is working.

looks like it is working.

shhhhh! quiet!

shhhhh! quiet!


The left is already in attack mode against Rand - they fear him the most.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.