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Romney Replies to Now Infamous Gas-Pump Pic

(A Daily Paul original)

Former Presidential Candidate Responds to Questions About the 'Gas-Pump Pic'

My fellow Americans,

By now I'm sure you've seen the picture of me, your former presidential candidate, standing next to a gas pump, doing something we all do each day, which is, digging deep, digging as deep as we can,

Digging as deep as we can as Americans.

Still, there are some out there, as many as 47%, who wonder: Why was I pumping my own gas? Why didn't I hire somebody else to fuel up for me? Why wasn't I creating jobs and stimulating the economy? Well, I've come up with an answer for you, America. And it goes like this.

I now know what it's like to be on your own, struggling against a world that also seems to be struggling against you.

In just the past few weeks, since that big election, I've seen people I thought were my friends drift by the wayside. I've seen 'big donors' become 'big loners'. I've seen people who would've floated me $10,000 to cover some crazy bet a few weeks ago look at me like I couldn't pay them back $10 today.

America, I know what it's like to ask the driver to go in and ask the gas station attendant if the station is full service and to have the driver come back and tell you no, no sir I'm sorry, but the station is not full service, and I can't pump gas because of the union, and I'm afraid sir you'll have to pump your own gas.

I know. I finally know what it is like to be you.

Please give $25 now.

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