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Let me threepeat, Know Your Constitution!

These videos were a reply in another post (can't recall who, but thanks!), and hawkiye replied to the reply with a "Wow!" Now, I know hawkiye in the "real world" and for HIM to declare "Wow!" got my attention, but I got busy.... did not watch. Well, he emailed it around, and I got the links again from him (Thanks, hawkiye!) I have only made it about half way through the first video, and I can only say.... "Wow!"
This guy is something else. I waded through enough of the "Tim Turner" nonsense to come away frustrated. It was obvious there was some deep truth, but also obvious Turner was obfuscating it, not clarifying it.
If you have dabbled in the "Sovereign Law" bunny hole or even just wondered, I urge you to watch this. He seamlessly shows how the Constitution enables us to live as sovereigns - as our founders intended. This is POWERFUL and I want to be the third DPer to urge you to WATCH!


I trust you can find the links to parts 2 and 3 on your own.

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EVERYONE can learn VITAL information here!

I know that videos of a guy talking are dull, but PLEASE watch this. I just finished part one, and I am astonished at what this man has put together.
Watch it until you realize how important this is, then please come back and comment to bump this thread. This is how we take back our courts and restore our Constitution IN SPITE of traitorous politicians and attorneys.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

For liberty truth and the

For liberty truth and the real american way!

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