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Desperate-to-win Neocon Trash Reconsider Rand Paul (in WaPo, no less!)

Reconsidering Rand Paul
By Jennifer Rubin

To say that Rand Paul is a controversial figure is a gross understatement, but critics who confuse the father, Ron, with the son and who write the son off as a fringe figure are missing something.

I don’t agree with him that revenue shouldn’t be part of a grand bargain or that defense (the only area of government that has already seen real cuts) should cough up more, but neither do I hear him trying to mount a filibuster. And I do think that if conservative hawks are going to preserve a responsible level of defense spending, they will need to put forth a sound process for reforming Pentagon appropriations, health care, etc.

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My comment: In 2016, desperate-to-win neocon trash will convince themselves that they can work with Rand Paul. This process has already begun. We should not let this taint Rand. Instead, we should enjoy the turnabout and look forward to (even relish) their inevitable disappointment once Rand becomes president.

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THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Will Smash The Neo-Cons Again In 2016

THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION Will Smash The Neo-Cons Again In 2016.

We have everything in place. The Most Brilliant Grassroots Strategists in The United States, willing to work for FREE. Neo-Con Dirty Money Cannot Ever Buy LOVE and PASSION ♥ They Sunk Themselves Into A Black Hole Of Their Own Making :)

We have the numbers and they keep growing. I have teenage neighbors that always ask me about Ron Paul :) That is how BIG this is.

Every kid friend of mine got a Ron Paul Super-Brochure for themselves, one for a friend and one for their parents. I still hand them out to people who are interested and just beginning to learn. Just last week. The R[3]VOLUTION Continues...

We Are In This For The Long Haul. For Us Is Fun, Isn't It? :)

Keep Doing What You Are Doing And We Hammer The Last Nail In The Neo-Con Coffin. And "Randy" Paul? Good Luck (((Laughs!))) NEV[3]R.

I Love You All Of You So Very Much ♥

RON PAUL R[3]TRIBUTION 2012 And Beyond! http://youtu.be/W7jwu9ZVLsI


Wisdom Strategies

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Again, proving my point that Rand Paul is a Trojan Horse

Rand Paul is a libertarian in Republican clothing, just like his dad. But he's seen as a "team player" by folks like my elderly parents, who would vote for Rand Paul in a heartbeat, and wouldn't dream of voting for an "isolationist" like Ron Paul (they only watch Fox News. Sigh.)

Rand Paul is our best chance at getting our country back in 2016.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Good point

But I think the zionist dominated Neocons (like Rubin) know that, too. They are feigning deference to Rand to lure the libertarians. It's a bait and switch whereby Rand will be switched for neocon blue-blood Rubio at the last minute.

That's what I'm thinking too.

Let's not think we can impose liberty from above.

We must grow it from the grassroots.

do not put the wrong

do not put the wrong vibration out. use your words carefully.

I think it's futile

I believe allowing PC to control one's speech works against liberty. You can't make a deal with the devil.

As soon as they've purged "neocon" and "zionist" from the language, they will move on to whatever replaces them. Soon, "imperialist" and "banker" will become the new "anti-Semite" codewords under attack.


...for Rand Paul 2016

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Correction: They are "considering"

what VERSION of him, they can live with. He would have NO say in the matter... If he wants to be a member of their club. Any libertarian would understand...

why dig up old threads from 08?

its confusing. I don't understand your point; you say that rand is "throwing out principle to cater to" the neocons.
I see rand as positioning himself to be trusted by a block that couldn't trust Ron. I don't see why we should see him as betraying the principles of liberty. Please help me.

You see...

What you want to see to blind you from... reality.

thats not what im looking for

I want to know why, honest question. Whats rand done thats so bad?