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Just for fun - "Hobbit" trailers all in one video.

Funny how I have changed.... When "The Lord Of the Rings" trilogy came out, I bought it all - the statues with each DVD, the board games, a couple action figures.... I loved those books, loved that someone finally made a good movie (anyone else remember that terrible cartoon version>)

This time, I will wait until I can watch it for free. I still enjoy the fantasy Tolkein created, but I do not feel any need to make Peter Jackson or any Hollywood actors rich. Indeed, if a meteor fell on Hollywood, I would take that as a sign that God is paying attention....
That said, enjoy!


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My two favorite scenes

are both from Two Towers:

When Gandalf "heals" Théoden...I love when Theodine's cloudy eyes clear up...reminds me of people waking up to the liberty movement.


When Gandalf rides into Helms Deep with the banished Rohan army to do epic battle with the Uruk Hai...much there to relate to regarding today's state of affairs.

My kids are looking forward to the Hobbit...my son's favorite book.

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