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My email response to a GOP crying about the loss

I was forwarded a long email by some GOP cry-baby about how there was a clear choice to change the direction of the company but Americans made the wrong one. Here is my response

This actually brought joy to my heart. It is proof that the clueless old guard GOP still doesn't get it and will most likely lose in the midterm elections if they think those reasons are why Romney lost.

You see, despite what this person says, that the choice was clear, the choice was hardly close to clear:

pro-gun control
pro-federal reserve
pro-drone surveillance
pro-military adventurism
pro-wall street
pro-big government spending

A great resume for Obama, but I was actually referring to Romney and how he's no different than our first "Black" President. The Mormon lost because he didn't appeal to conservatives like me, those who actually want to cut spending and remove entire federal departments from our balance sheets. Those who don't want to continue costly wars in the desert that make no sense and that which we never win. Those who don't want to get finger-fvcked at the airport by some TSA clown who probably has never read the Constitution or even graduated highschool. Those who don't want drones flying over my head spying on us. Those who don't want another no-child-left-behind program for our kids. Those who want the government to end the failed war on drugs. Those who actually want our borders secured before we parrot "security in force" abroad.

The problem with the tea party is that they didn't put their money where their mouth was and instead just reluctantly adopted Romney as their "best hope" to beat the "black guy". Had they actually stuck by their limited government and free market principles, perhaps we could have elected a real conservative.

Instead they got behind the Mormon and we get another 4 years of tyranny.

GOP deserves it.