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Silver and Copper are magnetic!

Silver and Copper are magnetic!
Here is proof!

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Stupid, .001% metal is magnetic

I think if the silver part were magnetic there would be NO PLAY in the action between the coin and the Neo-Magnet. I have lots of these magnets and they are hard to get unstuck from metal.

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Not Magnetic. Conductive

The motion of the magnetic creates an electromagnetic field (current) in the coin. This electromagnetic field (caused by the induced current in the coin) repels the magnet.

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aka diamagnetism

The term diamagnetism was coined by Michael Faraday in September 1845, when he realized that every material responded (in either a diamagnetic or paramagnetic way) to an applied magnetic field.

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I didn't know this - I'm surprised.

But notice he didn't have any GOLD on the table.

Must mean gold has NO magnetic qualities.

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your right

I should have done it with Gold too!

Gold probably would have done the same thing I think.

Ever see a neodymium

tossed down the center of a copper pipe? Pretty cool effect.


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is kinda cool too!