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How Does The New Media Defeat The Old MSM Guard?

We don't have 20 years to wait for an entire generation to die off.

The MSM old guard has been there a long time, and they're not about to give in to the future. They're going to hold on tightly until their last breaths.

Most Baby Boomers are in their 60's and they're not going anywhere anytime soon as a voting demographic. There are more people living into their 90's and 100's than ever before.

It shouldn't be difficult to defeat the lies of the old media.

But television is so EASY...that's why it works. The New Media has a lot more truth to it, but it requires READING, which is not easy for millions of Americans.

That's the problem...yes, Internet TV's are already here, but the accessability isn't as easy as pressing a button on the remote.

The Old MSM is easy...and that's an understatement. The New Media isn't easy, it's still difficult to access compared to the bubetube, especially to a young gal in her 70's.

How does the New Media become "easy," in a good way?

Is time our only asset and hope, or can the New Media actually do something NOW to make itself King of the Media Mountain?

Perhaps the bigger, more important question is...

How in the hell do we win over an entire generation that is beyond stubborn and set in their ways?

I think the ONLY way for the New Media to defeat the old MSM is by morphing the internet straight into a television style format.

People don't want to sit down and wait 2 minutes for their TV's to boot up. Television is instant picture tube gratification, and that is what the New Media MUST become in the near future in order to defeat their old MSM television nemesis.

People want to push a button, and receive instant gratification in less than 5 seconds. TV gives an easy fix. Computers take too long. They have to boot up, and then you have to enter a freaking password...and then it takes another 30 seconds, which is way too long for the American attention span.

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I was lying awake last night

thinking about this, too! We're sorta screwed until we can compete with big media. Until that moment, they'll spin everything against us.

We'll all be gun freaks; doomsday preppers; angry whites who hate Obama; paranoid and dangerous freaks who hate federal government, want anarchy, and shout crazy nonsense about the Constitution; potential white militia terrorists; etc.

I think of "The Running Man" and how people had to break into / pirate broadcast transmissions to get the truth through! I mean, how many 100s of worthless sh*t cable / satellite channels are there? And no pro-Liberty content / programs?

Or do we need to think outside the box? How about a Liberty Circus?! LOL! Dunno.

What would the Founders do?

WHY do you have

WHY do you have cable!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You're touching on the most

You're touching on the most important thing here. There is absolutely no point in talking about anything else until we fix the source of the brainwashing. Talk radio is easy too. Too many folks here still don't get that the media represent the enemy.

I'm glad to see that truth is becoming evident to more people

Mass media is a brainwashing tool and has worked well for the PTB. I was trying to explain that to some moron on another thread who just couldn't get it. It is not just in the news media but it permeates the entire liberal controlled "entertainment" industry. It is very deep and some just can't grasp it.