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Dr. Paul, please tell the truth - Obama is an enemy of liberty, a bad guy

I understand that is was important for Dr. Paul to try to differentiate himself from the other Republicans. But now that Obama has won and the Republican Establishment is in retreat as they should be, let's start going after the enemy at hand, Obama and the Progressives. This dude is dangerous to the Republic. We need Dr. Paul to call him out so people understand what we are confronting. Please Dr. Paul, help people understand that Obama is the enemy of liberty. Help us reunite the people in this country that love the United States. The Republicans lost and that is good but these guys are even more dangerous.

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Challenge the narrative

Follow the Constitution. Cut spending now! NO new taxes! The Democrats and the media are wrong. Cut spending now! NO compromise. Follow the Constitution. The statists are feeling their oats. Conservatives are looking to Dr. Paul to lead now. Cut spending now!