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TSA pat-down of Rep. Ralph Hall’s 17 year-old niece sparks federal investigation


Face it, some folks are "more" equal than others.

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Filthy gay perverts at the TSA got what they were looking for.

This congressman needs to string these gay perverts up before congress and ask them why they even want such a job... for the money or for the dirty pleasure it gives them.

Anyone who wants to work for the TSA should be immediately disqualified from all other forms of police and security work... because the TSA hires only perverts of a gay variety.

Why else would a person take a job where the repeated task is to fondle and molest your victims.

Who here thinks that that sounds like a "fun" job?


Just an observation

If they were doing something sexual to the niece of the man I don't think you can call them "gay".

Just saying.

Anyone who seeks a job who's main task is same-sex fondling?

That person must be gay.

That person must then also be a gay pervert.

Even most gay people don't go around peeking in windows.

These TSA perverts get off looking at naked body scans of the same sex all day and then they rotate and get to cop a feel stroking your crevasses too... all in the name of security... give me a break... THEY LIKE WHAT THEY DO!!!

They are all filthy and disgusting people; everyone of them and they must like what they do or they would resign in disgrace.