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I am writing this tonight to air my own opinions. Anyone that disagrees with me, I don't care.
Ron Paul was not running to win.
His supporters for the most part were not helping him win. Young, involved supporters showed up at conventions. They did more damage than good with spiked hair, green hair etc. They dressed like bums, with worn out jeans and crappy t-shirts. Not all of Ron's supporters looked this way, but so many did.
If you want to gain support for your "cause" and your candidate, you show up looking well groomed and intelligent.
Ron sold us out and so many of you are still beating a flat drum that he run in 2016. Wake up and realize that blind support and idol worship of this man will not help.
It is time to move on. I am so saddened that enough of us didn't see that a vote for the libertarian candidate would have been best. It would have relieved the libertarian party of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars just to be on the ballots in many states.
I am pretty much finished visiting this forum. Micheal, you did a great thing here. But so many here post such nonsense that it is a sad place to visit now.

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