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Iowa GOP Debates Fate Of Its Famed Straw Poll... Actually Branstad Wants It Done Away With Before Rand Paul Wins In A Landslide

The 2011 Iowa straw poll told the national Republican Party that Mitt Flip Flopp'n Romney was no good for them.

But the establishment didn't listen to Iowans and now they are blaming the straw poll participants for not selecting the their biggest loser nominee of all time? But isn't that a good thing that Romney lost there? Doesn't this give the poll credibility... "Like see I told ya so!"

In this respect the Iowa Straw Poll was a complete success and should be used to easily catapult Rand Paul to the top in 2016 given his father's name recognition and top finish in 2012.

Isn't this what Governor Branstad and other establishment types are really afraid of, why don't they just say it, and why is the establishment wanting to retire their old mainstay magic trick (The Iowa Straw Poll, the poll that put W. Bush in power) before the next big election rolls around?



From WSJ...

'Still, other top Iowa Republicans bristled at Mr. Branstad's suggestion that the sun had set on Ames.

"Gov. Branstad is wrong, and this is not a decision he will make, anyway," said A.J. Spiker, chairman of the state GOP. "It is a decision the party and the candidates will make."

Mr. Branstad pointed to Ms. Bachmann's rapid rise and fall in 2011 as Exhibit A for why the straw poll no longer makes sense. Her campaign invested heavily in the one-day event, busing in thousands of supporters from around the state and hiring singers such as Randy Travis to entertain them in a huge tent.

She beat Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas) by 150 votes in the straw poll but never caught fire among the broader set of GOP voters in Iowa, placing sixth in the January caucuses.'

More here...


WSJ is of course owned by News Corp parent of Fox News. They are going all out to shut the Iowa Straw Poll down now that it is not controlled by the lackeys of Carl Rove and the establishment.

Ron Paul people now own the Iowa Republican Party top down. With that we own its famous straw poll, and the establishment is now going into all out damage control and fits of rage, even 3 years before the next big event, in hopes of discrediting the outcome that they can no longer fix and to discredit what they can not control. This is the first time in decades that they will not be able to screw with the result and they a scared.

The pee is running down their legs now.




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No we all didn't plan anything. In fact you were not part of any plan other than in your fantasy world. both Paul's collaborated to do what's best for the movement. Sorry it doesn't fit your angry contrarian agenda. Seek therapy friend,.,

Ha Ha... Yes we fought... But it was a poker face!

We could't even ante-up.

They had all the chips and were even removing entire state delegations (REMEMBER MAINE, I chanted walking out the national convention with them right after Rand's speech!).

We couldn't even stop them from removing these duty appointed state delegations.

And you thought you might win?

No it was a scare tactic designed to get Rand a speaking slot. Our inexperienced delegates... first timers... did not understand this. They cried all the way and fought all the way.

We needed this for Rand's sake but it was already lost and Ron and Rand had already moved on to positioning Rand for 2016 by introducing him in person to the 2012 state delegations with a tele-prompted, Romney approved message.

We were not trying to take over the 2012 convention, that is why Romney's lawyers trying to introduce new rules for 2016 at the last minute, they realized late what was happening, and they shot themselves in the foot almost creating an uproar among the 2012 neocon delegations in the process.

Because of this fiasco many NeoCon delegates are open to Rand Paul whereas without that Romney screw-up it would have simply been a non-event.

Now we are in the game if people like you would just clam-up and go along.

What have you got to lose? Again, do you want Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan over Rand Paul? Or are you just voting Libertarian, on principal while the rest of us bleed?

We needed the momentum at the

We needed the momentum at the time Rand did it. The grassroots wanted Ron Paul and could have turned the convention. It was unnecessary for Rand to do this at the point as we yet could have caused a huge revolution and stolen the convention. In fact, we were likely to do just that. Delegates that were not bound could have changed their minds with our nonstop liberty campaign to the convention. There were a ton of state conventions yet to go! We will never know what could have happened if we had all pushed all in because this bomb dropped on the movement from within. It was orchestrated by Romney, and Rand knows it was a mistake. I just want everyone to admit it, apologize and own up that Ron Paul was right about compromise with the devil, and move on.

PS Happy Thanksgiving! I'm out.

We've got the momentum now. That is what Ron and Rand did.

Right now we and Ron are sling shotting Rand into 2016 and Rand is willing.

Be grateful.

This is it, the big time.

The RNC in Tampa was not just Romney's last stand.

It was also the establishments last stab at controlling to majority of Republican Party delegates.

It is over for them now. They do not even have a candidate to rally behind in 2016, except for our main man, the default... Rand Paul!


Douche nut job

It does exist. I don't save all my emails so I can't show you. Maybe some other sane person can, so we can shut you up already

So did you try to become a REPUBLICAN delegate for Ron Paul?

If you had worked through the process you might understand it a little better and how the campaign knew more/less who was with them from each state delegation early on.

After that it was just a poker game with sunglasses and not trying to show all of our cards.

Who are you trying to fool?


Gotta love Iowa

I know we do!

Don't forget

New Hampshire also