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Ron Paul's Naive Foreign Policy

Aren't you all sick of hearing from the neo-cons that Ron Paul's foreign policy is extremely dangerous, and naive at best?

Please send or post this youtube link to your family and friends (made in January)"Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions All Come True", then follow it with his Farewell Address. Maybe they'll have more incentive to listen through his address, if they realize that he wisely "foretold" the future 10 years ago.

Ron Paul says in his farewell speech that our current foreign policy is extremely dangerous. I ask you: should we listen to the neo-cons who predicted that Romney would win by a landslide and that Ron Paul's following is fabricated or should we listen to the Champion of the Constitution, the one who accurately predicted many, many things that have come to pass?


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Very fine

Ron Paul's words coupled with images from the news in the last 10 years makes a powerful case for his foreign policy prescriptions.


Why won't this come up as an automatic video like others on the Daily Paul?