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JFK Assassination - 49 years ago

On November 22, 1963, JFK was murdered by CIA and mafia hit men. Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA operative who infiltrated the conspiracy and tried to stop it. He and more than 50 other witnesses have since been murdered as part of the government's coverup. This would be a good time to sit with family and watch, or rewatch, the British series "The Men Who Killed Kennedy". If you have disinterested guests and you want to get their attention, then watch "Episode 8 - The Love Affair". Oliver Stone's film "JFK" is also worthwhile and accurate.


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Judyth Vary Baker

Judyth Vary Baker was on Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad radio show recently. I think it is today that Judyth and Jim Fetzer are doing a presentation on the JFK assasination in San Francisco. It's just so obvious when you study the evidence that it was a well-orchestrataed coup d'etat and cover-up and that Oswald was a patsy. Anyone who doesn't get this is either a willing operative for the shadow government, or else they just haven't really looked at the facts. Thanks for posting this. I was worried that JFK would be forgotten today because of Thanksgiving. I give thanks that we ever had a president like him, who tried to get rid of the Federal Reserve and pull troops out of Vietnam. Perhaps one day America will have another great president like that.

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we missed our best chance this year with Dr. Paul.

But, its all well and good. Had Dr. Paul been assassinated, there would have been blood in the streets like no ghetto ever knew.

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Shadow Government

Yes, that is a dilemna. JFK was the last president who acted in the best interests of our nation. In the current situation, it wouldn't be safe for any true president.