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How does one Enjoy Thanksgiving this year?

I am thankful for my family and friends who support me. but what more can I be thankful for than a mad society who crave...stuff? am i suppose to be grateful for a Black Friday that allies its self with this holiday? am I suppose to be grateful that i woke up to a political system corrupt to its core? I am suppose to be grateful that there are thousands of people dying overseas as we eat our turkey dinner? Am I suppose to be grateful that the very money we use to buy this thanksgiving food is debased by globalist? Am I suppose to be thankful of a parade that fuels its self on corporatism? Am i suppose to be thankful for constantly being pushed by MSM to do "Christmas shopping" when I know the true meaning of Christmas is opposite from what they tell me? Am i suppose to be thankful that I will endure this for at least another 4 more years if not longer? Am I suppose to be thankful for a feast that is GMO?

I really wish i took that Blue pill and went back to sleep, because i think my Thanksgiving will never be the same again.

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I hear ya man

I almost envy people that can just talk football stats to one another in an orgy of ignorant bliss. I have not watched a single football game since swallowing the blue pill in 2007. My taste in movies has even changed, I always find myself wanting to learn more about the corrupt world around me so i usually just watch documentaries. When I see people with an Obama sticker or a Romney sticker on their car I die a little inside. Or when i see the chest thumping "jock sniffers" at a bar that are just SO up in arms about the "big game".

It is very important to try and find SOME healthy means of escape like joining a local gym and getting in shape, growing an organic garden or learning an instrument (I bought an electric guitar and have been teaching myself using Youtube) Whatever works for you, do it because analyzing everything (as so many of us do) will lead to nothing but depression and frustration- it's all about finding that happy medium.

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oh i hear yah big time

Today however was like an Overdose of Consumerism which i believe is what Thanksgiving and Christmas is currently all about.

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