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Red Dawn 2012 Movie Review From a Non Hollywood insider or Film Critic

I do not want to give away the storyline of Red Dawn 2012. If you watch with an open mind. It is not the Red Dawn made in 1984. It is more in line with the threat we face today with foreign troops already on American soil. Red Down 2012 timing being released is perfect for what our nation faces today. It is not a waste of money to see the movie. There are a lot of action in the movie.

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looks pretty good

looks pretty good

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just remember in the Original Red Dawn

we (USA) were not the aggressors, it was elite troopers on planes disguised as commercial aircraft that attacked us from Russia, Mexico et al. They used nukes on us, after that it was conventional.

one of my favorite scenes.


I thought it was a cool movie back in the day, still do.


Till this day I still hate commies, so I guess the movie succeeded. At least for my generation, that actually could buy stuff made in USA. Gen X baby :)

New generation of kids are called Chinaboomers now.

Just Remember.........

When we occupy some other country, the resistance are known as "terrorists."

When we are occupied by some other country, a la Red Dawn,
the resistance are known as "freedom fighters.""

Cheers, TimB

Saw it yesterday

and one of the lines of the main character is pretty much what you said.

Double post

sorry, doubled on that one.