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Deer attacks two men, then takes man's cigarettes

POSTED: Monday, November 19, 2012 - 1:03pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 7:31pm

Whitehouse, Texas — Joseph Rose and Cole Kellis were leaving their home in Whitehouse on Friday morning when they noticed a deer in their front yard.

Rose approached the deer and he says the deer seemed friendly. But then Kellis and Rose say the deer then charged them and started to attack.

Rose and Kellis ran to Rose's pick-up truck to try to get away from the wild buck. The deer then "poked" Rose in his ribs, so Rose jumped out of his truck into the back-bed. Rose says he left his driver-side door open and the deer climbed in and took his pack of cigarettes that were sitting in his center console.

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I am confussed

Its deer season and you have a deer in your yard. My first thought is go get the gun. This persons thought is go pet the deer. The deer starts chasing you, my thought is go get my gun, this persons thought is hide. The cops come and you would think their first thought is grab gun but no they grab their tazer and TAZE the deer. THEY ALWAYS THINK GO GET MY GUN but not this time. They thank God the deer is unhurt. My thought is thank God the deer is delicious.

What is wrong with you people. Deer are made out of meat. MEAT. and they are Delicious.

"Confussed" and "habbit" below. What are you guys "smoking" with

all the terrible spelling posted around?

lol that deer has a bad habbit

and that folks is why you do not approach wild deer ;)

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