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$70 Million! $70 Billion! $70 Million! $70 Billion! What's the difference?...I'll sign it either way...

WHAT the hell?

Was it 70 MILLION or 70 BILLION dollars Obama gave to Israel in July???


Sounds like a little slip of the tongue by Obama, but they say in politics NOTHING happens by accident.

Check the video out again and see for yourself.


PS...This 1s IN ADDITION to the 3.1 BILLION Obama gave Israel earlier this year.

This new amount was supposedly for the "Iron Dome" project.

Funny how as soon as they got it built the rockets started flying.

Almost as a test to see if it worked. And it did.
The Palestinian to Israeli kill rate was about ten to one.

Surprise surprise.

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$70 BILLION is about twice the total U.S. Foreign aid for 2011

I believe anyway.

I still can't believe it's BILLION - not MILLION.

Obama must have screwed up. I think it's MILLION dollars.

Of course, Israel would love to hold him to the billion dollar figure I'm sure.


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Be reasonable. Iron Dome? You can get a deal on aluminum foil!

[Phone rings]
Construction Loan Department: Hello... Iron Dome financing? Come, come now. Be reasonable. Iron Dome? Too expensive... Too heavy... It'll rust.

Think it through. Why would I finance you to do such a fool hearty thing? Even if your citizens would allow you to put up such a monstrosity over their little country, it would rust away & fall... The Iron Curtain? I lost my shirt on that one. No collateral. No resale... Are you kidding me? Rusted wreck... The war never came... Complete waste.

Iron Dome won't work!... Listen to me. I'll get ayou deal on aluminum foil! Yea... Aluminum foil!... Hey, it was good enough for the Lunar Lander. Light weight. Easy to transport. Looked great in pictures!... Your saw the film, right?... Yea, Armstrong... I swear to you. People still believe it! [Smirk]

So, it's aluminum foil?... Great! How many of your 143,000 square kilometers do you wish to cover? Will you be purchasing extended form comprehensive coverage from our insurance department?

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

At first he said

70 million and then soon corrected himself and said 70 billion. So...70 billion it is

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