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Does the Daily Paul think that Obama will leave office after the next election?

It seems as though Obama is shifting military and intelligence power structure to insulate himself from threat. Paranoia is a common trait amongst dictators. I was just wondering what chances the DPers give to Obama willingly giving up his office after the 2016 elections?


This memorandum really seems a little bit Stalinesque to me.

I understand that Obama is most likely a puppet for more powerful and secretive interests, but with the level of centralization they have achieved over the last century I cannot help but think that they would be ready to elevate an all out dictator over the most powerful military and ecnomomic entity in the world. Obama has signed a thousand executive orders already so it might not make sense to stir up the populace with a declaration of dictatorship when they already have one in all but name.

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One way or another.

Why would any one think a puppet position like president

would ever be abused by the bank gangster family Redsheild. Puppets dont get to choose to stay in power for they never were in power to start with. Thats what happens when the media and elections are bought and paid for with counterfit digitized compounding usury money. Unlimited amounts can be digitized to buy any and everything and the best part all the purchases are debts upon the people.


As bad as things have gotten

As bad as things have gotten I seriously doubt that would fly despite what laws and EO's have been put into operation. The military would never put up with it even with the current purge. The traditions of liberty in the country run to deep despite people ignorance they still know this is supposed to be a free country with elected leaders... It would cause a massive revolt

Having said all the I would not put anything past the psychopaths in power...

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Obama won't stay in power. My father is part of a group of people that I consider to be hopefully cynical. He hates Obama so much that I think he actually wishes he would try to stay after his 2nd term just to talk about how corrupt he is.

IMO, any laws he helps set up are orders that came down for him to follow. Every president helps the future president by introducing more bad legislation that inhibits the people and makes them stronger.

If we ever saw a dictator take over the US it would be a disaster for the global elite because their control would no longer be discreet.

I would give even money

I would give even money that he does not complete his term.

If things get as bad

If things get as bad as I think they will take him down.

yes of course he will give up

yes of course he will give up the office. seriously this is something were willing to debate? its too early in the hour to expect a us president to powergrab to that degree. things like this wouldnt happen with at least majority popular support.