Think Different: Ron Paul for President

This looks like a professionally produced ad, and it is great! If you scroll your mouse along the bottom, a menu pops up with a lot of other videos that you can watch as well. I haven't watched them all yet...

Thank you superHarry14 & Connor for the tip. I'm going to call this the Open Source Campaign. Everyone helps out - a little here, a little there and all of our efforts combine to make a very big impact! Something really is happening here! Keep up the good work, everyone!


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Look at the pure purple replies to this one!

I just had to shake things up, and bring some more color to the thread. Excellent video!

Thanks Michael!

Richard Dreyfuss narration?

That's either Richard Dreyfuss doing the narration, or someone who sounds exactly like him. What do you think?

It is Richard Dreyfuss

The audio track is from the "Misfits" ad, from Apple's "Think Different" campaign.

Great job, but given Steve Jobs' and Richard Dreyfuss' political leanings, I wouldn't expect approval to use it any time soon.

Think different

Such a video and message could reach a wide spectrum of Americans.

ad/video making contest has started

I loved that ad. Great job. I'm finding myself more and more inspired everyday.

Hey, the Ron Paul Forum site has started a home-made Ron Paul video contest. I think it's a great idea. Go here to check out what's involved:

Joe Naab

The layout

I really like the first but then some of the video's don't really pertain to ron oryou should put all good ron video's on the bar

oh ok its still great though

oh ok its still great though I like it alot

youtube, not me

Users have no control over what videos show up in the bottom of the video. Youtube randomly picks related videos to display there.

Thanks Cboyack..Terrific

Hope you do more. Some of us really don't like being referred to as lunatics and having Ron Paul called a nut. I caught myself saying..."Yeah...that's right" while watching your ad. Like..."good...he's telling them." I felt vindicated! I did not think the less than sharp clips detracted at all. There's something a little "other-worldly" about how this whole thing is shaping up anyway. I wish more of the video producers would put their name on their work so we can thank them, look for more by them, encourage them.

Great Job. Have we seen anything else by you and not known it was you,Cboyack.


Hmm, maybe?

This is the first video ad I've done, but I've done two major blog posts on Ron Paul. I'm a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) so the first is on why Mormons should focus on Ron Paul, and the second is why Mitt Romney is not the right guy, and Paul is:



Thas a great clip

Kudos to whoever developed it. They deserve a lot of respect.
Yesterday when I came out of the office at the end of the day I saw a car parked next to mine, had support the troops ribbon, and air force sticker in the window. And a huge Ron Paul hope for America sticker on the side. This is in SC, the message is spreading, keep up the good work everyone.

Some of my favorite quotes, by Cicero, over 2000 years old, some things never change.

-Freedom is a possession of inestimable value.
-Endless money forms the sinews of war.
-Freedom suppressed again, and again regained, bites with keener fangs tha

Fun little project

I'm the one that put the ad together yesterday, it was fun to do. Sadly, some of the source clips weren't that great of quality, but hey, it works, right? :)


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Thanks Connor

I'm curious about the little menu down at the bottom with all the links to other clips? I've never seen that before. What's up with that? Is it something you did - or that YouTube did? Did you do the other spots, too? (I still haven't watched them all). I heard something about someone sponsoring a Ron Paul video ad contest - is this video part of that? Did anyone else hear about that?


Nope, it's youtube

That is just YouTube's latest version of the player. It does that for all their embedded videos now, not just the one I did.

Video Interview/RP on Monetary System

Incredible things just keep happening. This ad is great. Here's an interesting interview right after the debate. Ron Paul may have looked a bit tired, but he is sharper than nails as he discusses the monetary system, gold, borrowing from China.